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intro’d to Franziska (while watching cancer – forbidden cures doc).. via this fb share from upworthy:

Does cancer follow the rules of math? This scientist certainly thinks so — and she’s onto something.

Franziska Michor is quickly becoming a rising star in the worlds of math and medicine and for good reason.


So much of her work has centered around optimizing the scheduling and dosages used in drugs for treating cancer. Her approach has found some major success.


“Michor’s efforts are driven by the courage to test approaches that defy convention.

so let’s test those forbidden cures.. no?


Winner of the 2015 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science

2 sources 1\ large humanitary problem 2\ interesting.. not something from foreign agent.. it’s our own cells that go awry and act in a way they shouldn’t

dad mathematician.. mom nurse.. combinen those two

i see cancer of an evolutionary problem..

i’m hoping to make cancer more predictive..


tedmed 2012

father .. using logic of math.. list of rules..steps.. combine with humanitarian mission of my mom.. to cure cancer

weird that we don’t have more math.. it’s the foundation of physics.. to come up with predictions..

problem.. we don’t understand the underlying rules of cancer.. look into evolution first in order to try to solve cancer with math

3 min – went from unicellular to mulitcellular orgs

4 min – needed set of rules.. mememe org behaves as if multicellular.. cells have to give up selfish behavior..

cancer is break down of this convenant of multicellularity.. no longer unicellular but selfish.. want to grow.. proliferate

5 min – all this mechs that evolution has come up with to try to make sure cells behave ..can now be broken down but accumulation of mutations of genetic change.. if so ..step toward cancer made

6 min – trill cell divisions a day.. enormous risk of accumulating mutations..  each cell each day.. thousands mutated cells in blood alone.. just making one mutations isn’t sufficient.. have all these others.. ie: immune system; differentiation; program that tells sells to commit suicides.. this policing force of immune system breaks down and this is when we have cancer..

cancer arises when unicellular behavior have accumulated enough mutations to breakthru all mechs we’ve come up with to prevent cancer from happening..

sounds like people..

7 min – don’t listen to police anymore .. have a tumor… have allowed cells to revert back to unicellular..

eagle and condor

good thing about this.. we know understand the rules.. so .. how can we formulale this mathematically..

1\ variation emerging..

2\ variation is heritable..

3\ variation effects reproduction/survivor..

grow where don’t usually grow..

underlying equations..

dosing drugs..

what about trying forbidden/natural cures.. let’s math that.. since no one would in the past..

we don’t have that kind of time.. describe rules as math equations.. and then in a day in a computer try all diff dosing strategies.. takes  few seconds to run a trial..

cool.. so no worries working on natural cures..

math framework that allows us to resist probabilities of resistence..


find/follow Franziska:

on harvard site:

wondering how welcoming you/your lab is to testing forbidden/natural cancer cures..
as you say.. with math.. can test results faster.. and also cheaper..
here’s the thing.. you can use math all you want.. go as fast as you want testing different doses.. but if you’re testing the wrong thing .. faster/better equations.. won’t get you there.
what if the underlying rules of cancer/evolution have more to do with ie: the land/soil.. than we’re assuming..
what if we’re missing.. what to be testing..




rna ness

genotype-phenotype gap