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jorge soto

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The future of early cancer detection?

we have 21st cent med treatment and drugs.. but still 20th century procedures and diagnosis if any… even though we know catching cancer early is closest chance..

4 min – micro rna’s

unlike dna that is mainly fixed.. rna is flexible..

5 min – cancer a disease of alter gene expression.. the uncontrolled revelation of genes..

8 min – early cancer detection needs to be democratized… cheap and open source

so far have found micro rna pattern of pancreatic, lung, breast and .. cancer

today.. cancer only appears at stage 3 or 4


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Educate Your Immune System

The world today is very different from the one our immune system evolved to anticipate — not just in what we encounter, but in when we first encounter it. Preventing autoimmune disorders may require emulating aspects of that “dirtier” world: safely bottling the kinds of microbes that protect the Russian kids, so we can give them to everyone and guide the “postmodern” immune system along a healthier path of development.


may 2016 – transforming research

understanding how microRNAs vary depending on conditions in the body — and measuring these changes — may help us diagnose cancer far earlier than today’s standards.


Soto says, “There is no compelling way to access much of the microRNA research today, other then to manually retrieve relevant papers and read them thoroughly.” This can take days or even weeks in some cases.


Loom is able to locate relevant papers that mention specific microRNAs, extract the relevant parts of the paper, and then score the relationship between the microRNA and the specific gene or disease being studied. According to Soto, Loom was trained by learning from a manually created dataset that curated over 10,000 mentions of microRNAs, and the tool becomes more accurate every day as more literature is published.