angela zhang – recipe for cancer

angela zhang

a research paper Angela wrote in her spare time – a recipe for curing cancer.

it was a – this is really cool, i want to see if it works type thing.

Imagine if more felt free enough. Following their whimsy – in any flavor.


imagine if some social software – like the curiosity app – started connecting the  Angela’s and Jack’s and ?’s.

in the city. as the day.

imagine we quite trying to manage/control everything – and just call that school.

we have all we need.



today. no?




this isn’t (doesn’t need to be ) rare.

imagine – facilitating authenticity…

finding all the geniuses inside.. waiting to be seen/heard/loved.


jack et al

and imagine if we called – facilitating curiosity – school – in the city – as the day?

7 billion such researchers/entrepreneurs/happy people.. no?