human resources

human resources


intro’d to Scott Noble via watching his (2010) film – human resources – via thought maybe site – 1:59:23


bolded names were narrating

metanoia films: – From the Greek – to perceive, to think, the result of perceiving or observing – metanoia means “a change of mind.”

6 min – john b watson – the driving force in society is not love but fear. (he experimented w babies)

if people do the right thing, they don’t need to be retrained. – lj henderson – 1878-1942 – harvard

rebecca lemov – world as laboratory – harvard research

Deeply researched, World as Laboratory tells a secret history that’s not really a secret. The fruits of human engineering are all around us: advertising, polls, focus groups, the ubiquitous habit of “spin” practiced by marketers and politicians. What Rebecca Lemov cleverly traces for the first time is how the absurd, the practical, and the dangerous experiments of the human engineers of the first half of the twentieth century left their laboratories to become our day-to-day reality.

20th century maze adopted as symbol of hope that social life could be remade on the basis of scientific principles.. not hope to get to god or a meaningful life but hop that people could be controlled in a scientific manner.

8 min – skinner – behavior predictable so controllable – perhaps good intention – can use t for good – ti help education, health, etc

8:50 – george ritzer – author – the mcdonaldism of society – behaviorism for behavior modification

10 min – behaviorism: organisms can be viewed as flesh/blood machines

morris berman – interconnectedness was previous view – 17th cent.. then seen as mechanical parts of interconnectedness, so capitalism went well with that. civilization is a pkg deal

12 min – durable machines – studying insects, in russia pavlov moves on to animals, in america john b watson moves on to human beings – 1906 – dissertation – kinesthetics of rat, he could 1 by 1 remove rat’s senses and still get through maze

watson – give ma a baby and i can make any kind of man —- control

14 min – multi ethnic baby farm – desire to see question of race answered

15 min – sharon smith – late 19th cent.. 1890s jim crow – corporations looking for elaborate way to explain wealthy corp elite – eugenics movements: born with either good genes or not. so that good genes reproduce, not good genes – don’t.

17 min – justin chacon – co-authored: no one is illegal – prof at san diego city college

took route in uni’s, highest politicians, a lot of problems from inferior people.. shaping immigration policy

19 min – eugenics movement created a founded by elites ie: rockefeller, kellogg (cereal), .. coming into 20th century funded research at uni’s, rockefellers taking a particularly devious role – 1922-29 50 million research for a better population.. rockefeller : set out to change society as a whole

oct 1929 – black tuesday – yale institute – largest social science experiment

hawthorne experiments – design for better control

22 min – fred winslow taylor – to increase efficiency of labor – he disagreed with smith (adam smith – against division of labor) for too little division of labor

on surface – scientific efficiency seems a good idea

24 min – george ritzer – taylorism was about deskilling.. w/o learning entire role of activity. a mechanism of control, ie: you do this and not this, rather than allowing a skilled person to decide how task is done.. takes power away from workers, so less likely to be rebellious.

management thinks this is a good idea for workers = but not for themselves.. they need to be free, ie: henry ford. rationalization/media-ization – want to impose for other but not self

ford-ism – one aspect – hierarchical.. control over workers via assembly line, instead of thinking/creating.. mindless robot like

spontaneity – hannah arendt

27 min – george still – the irrationality of rationality.. dehumanizing

28 min – michael albert – parecon – workers issues – working in environment where beaten up all the time.. not likely to take initiative in other areas.. taylorism – what you want to do – so docile in society for elites.. and what you’d have to do is then create new economy when this doesn’t happen – is corp entity pathological – yes. why –  drive forward profit – effects don’t matter. forced by nature of social inside – you’re forced to pursue/consume

30 min – hierarchy (defining characteristic of scientific management) – mussolini to promote taylorism. 1918 lenin – into taylor system.

kronstadt rebellion 1921 –

from instigation of taylorism..

from govt doc after 1921 – the instinctive mistrust of all workers toward all kinds of experiments directed at extracting greater productivity from them..  workers had envisioned a decentralized system.. but lenin had something else in mind – socialism is merely state capitalist monopoly made to serve in force and of whole people and to that extent has ceased to e capitalist monopoly

31 min – the new means of control have been created not by us, but by capitalism in its military imperialist stage. vl lenin

chomsky – leninist system was one of greatest blows that socialism suffered in 20th cent (2nd only to fascism) as lenin took power – destroyed socialist institutions… largely peasant based.

logic behind it – orthodox marxists 0 unlike marx – revolution can’t come in backward peasant society.. so we have to drive backward population through industrialization by force. laying basis for totalitarian system. when soviet union collapsed – i wrote article – small victory for socialism.. couldn’t get it published – nobody understood.

used socialism to refer to totalitarianism when world’s two propaganda system agree.. so now .. socialism degraded to totalitarianism

34 min – mikhail bakunin (anarchist philosopher) predicted this: there would be two forms 1: take over state – red bureaucracy , vial, brutal regime  2: others serve private/state power because they can’t take over.. they’re the technical intelligencia who will implement policies of masters – the world dominance. one of few prediction of social sciences that actually came true – that’s why no one ever studies it – too dangerous, too insightful.. noam

35 min – allowing workers to talk about feelings.. (hawthorne experiments) – made them feel better even if situation/environment didn’t change

stephen sachs.. so discuss w/employees – every time they made a change employees suggested.. production increased. so came out of it.. industrial relations school/pr. the wrong lesson was learned , ie: suggestion box you don’t pay attention to

39 min – michael – participatory economics – alternative – (helicopter in the sea – oh my). taylorism and human relations… sweat shops, assembly line, video surveillance

41 min – john taylor gatto (descendent of taylor) – turned from ancestry and said – key is compulsion

1818 – imposed (coercion ness).. convert sovereign human beings into human resources.. converted into specialist toys

horace mann hired to bring about compulsion .. 1852 he did get compulsion laws passed.. 1888 in ed

45 min – 1st red scare – embed of compulsion. 1848, 1880-1920 – thousands of books – how you scientifically engineer: factory, church, & kids in school

william c bagley – need for unquestioned obedience

48 min – the gerry plan – different subjects taught by different departments – like pavlov’s dog – at ring of bell

49 min – first lesson i saw (gatto still) – race about at bell marked intervals

have to be whipped or offered bribes.. dependent on pat on head or smile or avoiding insult.. teacher nightmare – kid that has learned to think for self

you memorize someone else’s connection –

if an authority condemns you – the only way you can feel good about yourself is to become an outlaw

(gatto still)

53 min – alfie kohn – what grades get you: 1) loose interest 2) think less deeply 3) pick easiest task, not lazy, rational , ie: want higher grades

56 min – alfie – competition undermines character. desperate kind of the mountain game.. 1) perpetual sense of dis ease  2) destructive to relationships..

 we compete because we’re raised that way .. not born that way. spencer twisting darwin’s survival of the fittest – ie: survival often comes from cooperation

58 min – study after study showing people who compete do worse at job.. convenience for elite – advantage of free market based on competition – based on economic rather than human

59 min – juvenile delinquency – called frustration aggression hypothesis 

fear is the parent of cruelty. – james anthony froude ?

behaviorists at yale to combine behaviorist with frustration aggression hypotesis

1:00 – when 2 get frustrated – take it out on others. most thinking people when frustrated – point finger back to self..

great tool for distracting anger onto scapegoats.

1:03 – howard zinn – scapegoating – deflecting anger so that system can save itself

1:05 – hate attacks

1:06 – elliot leyton – mental illness – once a person takes leave of reality, form is shaped by dominant culture

multiple murderer (huberty, bundy, .. seek control) vs single murderer (anger – alienated individuals)

we shouldn’t see multiple murderers as main killers.. govt/politicians are the main killers.. nothing compared to them. nowhere is frustration aggression more apparent than in military

ie – look at china – then –  in america less on physical abuse than on verbal..

1:12 – scared – what it all amounts to.. that initial shock treatment for u.s. minds (military training)

then juxtposized the iraq footage with voice over of soldiers.. keep shooting..

divert frustration to rage at groups/minorities. that group must first be feared.

fear made best contribution to behaviorism

1:14 – rebecca lemov – jobart mowrer – people’s state of anxiety/fear increased when no shock, when not knowing when shock would come.. that atmosphere – intense fear/anticipation/anxiety.. when pain becomes a relief, the ultimate demoralization of behavior

mowrer – new behavior through his techniques .. cold war – mind experimentation

1:17 – mkultra – fully controlled obedient human beings

1:18 – project paper clip.. the right stuff (1983).. nazi scientists

dr colin ross – many russian scientists not legal, so cia developed project paper clip to bring them in and route around policy

1:20 – built chamber – dozens of experiments… became father of aviation, library named after him, and alberta strukhold day… experiments became a matter of routine

1966 – ie: non toxic vaccination/spray to nyc subway system.. some much more harmful..

1:22 –

1946 – uni of rochster researchers inject human subjects w/uranium in order to study how much they can tolerate before their kidneys become damaged

1949 – mentally retarded children at the fernald school in massachusetts are given radioactive oatmeal in order to test the effects of radioactive material on the human body

1950 – u.s. navy secretly sprays a cloud of bacteria over san francisco.. the navy later claims the experiement was harmless, but many residents become ill w/sever infections, leading to at least one death

1950 – u.s. army releases a toxic chemical called zinc cadmium sulfide over minneapolis and other cities. high rates of pneumonia, infant mortality, and cancer occur near dispersal sites. army physicians study children at local schools, noting the health effects.

1953 – u.s. atomic energy commission sponsors iodine studies at uni of iowa. pregnant women give 100-200 microcunes (?) of iodine-131 to determine at what stage radioactive iodine crosses the placental barrier. the aborted fetuses are then studied.

1955 – cia conduct a biowarfare test where bacteria is released in the tampa bay area. a sharp rise in whooping cough cases results, causing 12 deaths. details of experiment remain classified.

1956 – u.s. military releases mosquitos infected with yellow fever over poor communities in savannah, ga and avon park, fl. results include stillbirths, encephalitis, typhoid and several deaths. following each test, army agents posing as public health officials test victims for effects.

1957 – operation plumbbob – u.s. military detonates 29 nuclear bombs at the nevada test site, northwest of las vegas. an estimated 32,000 cases of cancer occured among american civilians due to the experiments. no one is warned.

1:25 – end of war oss disbanded – same personal cia formed in 1947. 1st documented programs: bluebird – 1950 – 3 months before korean war; artichoke – 1950-1; mkultra – 1953; mksearod; mknaomi; mkdelta – to 70s. basically stops in 1973 and all still classified.

1:26 – christopher simpson – science of coercion

mkultra – drugs, turth syrums, and wiping mind clean..

1:28 – lilly – synthesizes lsd.. later prosaic.. started with animals, cat given lsd – afraid of mouse.. then soldiers.. feeling of incapacitation. edgewood chemical facility in maryland.. 7000 soldiers unwittingly guinea pigs. given lsd, pcp, mescalyn… then put through tasks/mazes

gotley – under cia and pentagon – good enough for rats, good enough for u.s. soldiers. more than 1000 emerged with mental health problems, some committed suicide. no compensation offered.

gotley with full approval of health.. lexington – addiction research cast (?) – 2008 cia secret experiments

oct 11, 1977 – the children and the cia.. 1950s childrens international summer village .. brought together under vein of learning about each other.. cia was studying them for recruits

59 norway, 60 vienna,

58-9 texas. how youngster behaved without adult supervision 462 of them

colin ross – loretta bender (most revered) ny  – famous for bender/gestaldt test.. 60s – not documented where she got funding but interacted with many cia lsd contractors. paper in leading psychology journals… where she describes children as young as 5 getting lsd..street level doses for months/years at a time. no real follow up. not only documented, but published and no one upset, no one reported her.

1:34 – cia mind dr’s.. almost anything could be justified by claiming communists could be engage in similar activties.

korea invaded – you’ve got to be able tot take this..

mom – 61

1953 – cessation of war – soldiers came home who had been prisoners of war – exhibiting strange stonefaced, not happy to come home, failed to be moved even by mom’s arms, start spouting communists phrases, 21 of them had been persuaded to stay in korea. allowed selves to be coerced by enemy.

louis (jolly) west  (working for army) headed team to study returning soldiers. operation little switch. what they found was not brainwashing.. but rather slow steady classical behavioral conditioning

1:37 – cam up with term ddd: debility – give up itis (put in situation where wounds weren’t treated, weren’t ed, etc.); dependency – all came from captors (intimacy with captors); dread – atmosphere of unpredictable dread – fear

resulted in a dismantling of self – mohwer

1:38 – cia interested in developing mind control elements of its own.

man does not have the right to develop his own mind – jose delgado, neuroscientist, yale

jolly west becomes popular in conspiracy culture. first and last killed elephant by lsd, tusko ok city zoo – via jolly

symbionese liberation army – compound 1974 – west also defense witness for trial of patty hearst – kidnapped by symbionese liberation army and brainwashed to rob banks

leader had been part of prison therapy – via (?)

1973 – as governor of ca – ronald reagan shares in speech – plans for biomedical facility center for study for reduction of violence and using techniques by jose delgado

1:41 – research financed b office of naval research

electronics to brain. cia docs – feasibility of remote control of animals and then to man. mechanical toys – electrodes in brain. harvard team – girl’s pics – controlled by neuro transmitter box – delgado. jolly west – psycho surgery for controlling bacaville prisoners and crime – also recommended using schools in chicano and african american neighborhoods to screen genetic defects. projects terminated after public outrage.

1:43 – west noticed ddd to post lobotomy syndrome in all cases.. notions of self, of free will, displaced by something more obscure. west: patient loses all recollection of the fact that he formally possessed space time image which served to explain the events of the day to him.

with this in mind – money put in to research in montreal. dr ewan cameron – wipe minds clean. destroy notion of self. form new behavioral patterns. 50s-60s attached to mcgill uni – leading academy center – cameron was chairman of uni – money from cia

to do 1) brain washing – ie: linda mcdonald, given over 600 times shock and drug induced sleep, the century of the self  2) pyshi driving – building up new identity – play tape loops. the sleep room – movie. while discussing research – some dr’s are describing death of patients..

contracting of cia and unis: cornel, harvard, yale, tulane, ucla, uni of minnesota, denver uni

1:50 – useful result: kuburq 1963 – manual for interrogating suspects, ie: torture manual. tools of choice: stress position, sensory depravation, shock. 70s & 80s manuals spread. guantanamo by – 5 yrs into war. 10-20000 interrogations. what was really going on .. routinization of process of interrogation.

voices of guantanamo

1:52 – let to behavioral science consultants – biscuits.  cia richard holms – copland – subcommittee only got bareist glimpse

public – tv. pavlov moving images attractive. tv entertains mind and relaxes body – continued by dgg waves. hypnosis- increased suggestibility

red chinese battle plan. axis of evil. during cold war and beyond tv increasingly resemble an experiment. fear based conditioning applied on global scale. watson’s fear not love, guiding force in human society, no longer confined to realm of theory, it would become our reality.

film dedicated to scott noble’s aunt who interned as teenager at the allen memorial institute in montreal – and was subjected to cia sponsored mind control experimentations. she never recovered.






interview with Scott – july 2014 0n film: counter intelligence

What history actually shows is that there are, in fact, mechanisms of keeping individuals in the dark, even those who participate in an operation.

A famous example is the Manhattan Project, the gargantuan construction effort responsible for producing the atomic bomb. 130,000 people worked on the program but only a handful were aware of the end goal. Not even then Vice-President Harry Truman became privy to the details until the death of FDR. You had people in Richland working on engineering, you had the radiation laboratory in Berkeley, you had Ordinance works in Morgantown and so on. Yet practically everyone was kept out of the loop. The left hand had no idea what the right hand was doing.


There has never been a “free press” in the United States, at least not in the popular sense of the term. There have been many excellent journalists and publications – mostly labor newspapers and underground/alternative media, and the occasional outlier in the mainstream – but the dominant media institutions (the New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) have always represented the wealthy, they have always engaged in self-censorship, and they have always had an incestuous relationship with the military.


We hear the term “national interest” less and less often these days, probably because it has become so painfully obvious that bombing some country half way around the world has nothing to do with the interests of the average working Joe/Jane. So it has been replaced by “national security.” The latter term is more effective because it appeals to our most primal instinct – fear. It’s also a wonderful catch-all phrase for keeping material classified that might expose the perfidy of those who govern us. As George H.W. Bush is reported to have quipped during the Iran Contra scandal, “If the American people find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”


Occupy Wall Street movement. For the gritty details see my film Rise Like Lions.


The world is not only divided up into states but classes, and elites within each nation have an obvious incentive to work together to protect their class interests.


The concept of chain of command is critical in this respect, because military-intelligence officers are never, ever given the command to help working people; they are given the command to perform X operation in order to further the “national interest.” Unfortunately, the national interest almost always translates into the exclusive interests of the ruling class.

It’s not that everyone working for these agencies is an evil person, it’s just that they mostly do what they’re told. And therein lies the problem: obedience to unjust authority.


In Counter-Intelligence I draw a parallel between NSA blanket surveillance and a prison design known as the Panopticon. It was created by English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th Century. The idea was that authorities would be hidden while prisoners would have zero privacy. As a result, prisoners would come to police themselves. In the words of French philosopher Michel Foucault:

“He who is subjected to a field of visibility, and who knows it, assumes responsibility for the constraints of power; he makes them play spontaneously upon himself; he inscribes in himself the power relation in which he simultaneously plays both roles; he becomes the principle of his own subjection.”


Paranoia is considered desirable by those in power. The more afraid you are the less likely you will be to stand up for your rights.


“Keeping your head down” will not help you or your children in the long run.