adding page while watching Okupación via thought maybe site (2011, 1:18:31, Chistopher Patz):


5 min – had to decide that if we want change – we have to do it now.. not a future thing

the foundation was to..

reappropriate time

ie: create our own leisure, create our own work..

the shame of having empty spaces

7 min – end of 70s – occupied spaces of empty bldgs

coops – for: immigrants, hack lab (ip laws), shelters, cafeterias, art, music, theatre…

public space in city…  theses were

social centres..

..self managed horizontal structure.. users are managers…

12 mi – bikes

15 mi- defend the oasis in the middle of the desert

16 min – beyond the ism’s and the anti’s

a movement – means nothing static

18 min – squatting movement

20 min – not just that we’re squatting … what’s important is the coming together of diverse people

23 min – social center of 2nd generation… ore important than bldgs themselves…

26 min – after 2.5 years of autonomous self-management.. squatted social centres, el Patio Moravillas was evicted jan 5 2010

you can’t evict our ideas..

28 min – on the same day they evicted us we occupied another space. there are scores of us – to occupy empty spaces and make them public

80s – this happening in german and netherlands.. influenced us. barcelona, bilboa, seattle, benovea

32 min – evicted bldgs became lab 2 – 40 people lived, shared kitchen, the people/neighbors welcomed it.. it was young people coming in and creating a culture and activities..

35 min – we had free language learning for immigrants.. free meant a lot

38 min – cool concert shown – in social centre

42 min – hip hop – music/art/politics.. originally – hip hop was to protest.. hip hop contributes to the atmosphere of struggle in the squat

46 min – run down bldg – never finished..  we had 1 pilot room to teach via experts.. how to ie: put up a wall

iwan baan and rebel architecture ness

important that material for the building isn’t bought .. but brought from home.. or found/recycled..

50 min – in 95 – squatters reached height… in 96 – wave of depression and squatters were getting evicted…so..  300 descend on lab that was abandoned…

51 min – city isn’t just to provide housing.. needs lots of different kinds of public space

53 min – lab 3: was one of most significant squats of madrid (had concert room, gym, painting, cafeteria, internet, radio,.. Lavapies) .. and not they are luxury apts..

56 min – name squat… changes to social centre.. and now we can see them as squats again.. (re established meaning)… used to be you could stay long enough in squat that wouldn’t be evicted .. today that is eroding…

1:00 – when you squat you are just trying to force owners to follow the rules.. that private property owners take care of society, in return of owning.. so this was private – but now (since you didn’t follow rules) it’s public.. all of us own it.. now a good thing for society.

1:02 – we have to listen to each other – what spaces people want..

city sketch up ness – i wish this was a …

1:04 – administration has to realize this is not a phenomenon – the occupations won’t stop.. on the door: if you like this social centre.. create your own.

1:06 – i think the power of a movement is in its ability to communicate/negotiate

1:07 – if we continue to be illegal – we wear out.. if we legalize others will see that and do that too… if we want to change reality…

1:09 – main aim – to be able to stay – not always being evicted and starting over.. rebuilding

1:10 – walk asking — because we don’t know – but we have to keep moving..

political movement with its foundation built on very personal ties…

le Patio – still open




self organizing graphic