the great hack


we targeted those whose minds we thought we could change until they saw the world the way we wanted them to.. i can’t keep quiet.. just because it will make powerful people mad – brittany kaiser

on cambridge analytica – with David Carroll @profcarroll


notes/quotes from doc:

4 min – @profcarroll: it began w the dream of a connected world

@profcarroll: i was teaching digital media and developing apps.. so i knew that the data from our online activity wasn’t just evaporating.. as i dug deeper i realized.. these digital traces of ourselves are being mined into a trillion dollar a year industry.. we are now the commodity

@profcarroll: but we were so in love with the gift of this free connectivity.. that no one bothered to read the terms and conditions..

as if we could

@profcarroll: all.. attached to my id.. giving any buyer direct access to my emotional pulse.. armed w this knowledge.. they compete for my attention.. seen for and only by me.. true for each of us

6 min – @profcarroll: how did the dream of the connected world tear us apart

7 min – d: i’ve been concerned for a long time about how the misuse of our data/info could affect my children’s future.. but it wasn’t till after the 2016 election that i realized.. it had already happened on our watch.. it was a feeling like the worst case scenario has happened w tech

perhaps the ie: supposed to’s.. of school/work already happening.. and much deeper/worse problem .. we’re all like whales in sea world

8 min – d: i became obsessed with finding answers.. and the question i kept asking myself was.. who was feeding us fear.. and how

feeding us fear..? or toxins..

i mean yeah to the fear.. but deeper.. are the toxins/supposed to’s.. making us not us.. so that .. fear is foundational

9 min – d: when project alamo was at its peak .. they would spend 1 million a day on fb adds.. cambridge analytic also working on alamo

10 min – d: need data to send out personalized.. and ca claimed to have 5 000 data points on every american voter.. but it was invisible.. so question is.. how do you make the invisible visible..

[details of ca data et al]

ca can help you use data to get people’s attention

this sounds like amanda talking w chris anderson in her may 2019 ted interview.. when she’s saying that an artist’s role is to get people’s attention

i think this is where we’re all messed up.. on both ends of the spectrum (from love to profit/whatever)

what we need to realize is that life isn’t about getting people’s attention.. that’s just a myth that the supposed to’s.. of school/work programmed in us..

art.. is the think you can’t not do.. not the thing that others are doing and want you to join in and help.. or whatever

we need a global reset.. where i focus is listening to ourselves first.. everyday.. (curiosity et al) .. then using that self-talk as data to connect us locally..

tech as it could be.. to augment our interconnectedness

talking about how others collect data to get our attention.. is about getting/distracting our attention

this is all irrelevant if we have (and we do) a means to live a nother way

16 min – carole cadwalladr (guardian journalist): my obsession – connection between ca and brexit


18 min – c: bannon.. lead trump campaign.. also ceo for ca.. brexit was the petri dish for trump

19 min – c: i started tracking down previous ca employees.. first chris wylie (helped set up ca)


bannon was editor of breitbart.. he said have to dismantle society .. then remold pieces into your vision

on pulling data not just from you (one using app).. but all friends of you.. because you used app.. only need to capture a few hundred thousand people to capture.. all of us

23 min – david on democracy now

d: crazy i have to take year long and go to foreign country to get my voting profile

25 min – d: people don’t want to admit that propaganda works.. because admitting means confronting our own susceptibilities.. horrendous lack of privacy and hopeless dependency on tech platform ruining our democracies

already been there .. that’s why we’re here now

also depends on how you define democracy.. if it’s that we all can make decisions.. that’s ruining our humanity

26 min – d: join the struggle to help get our data back..t

wrong focus.. we need different data (ie: self-talk as data)..  because the data your referencing is from whales in sea world.. getting that back isn’t going to help your kids.. or anybody

what we need is to get us back (to an undisturbed ecosystem)

26 min – wylie questioning – says.. you should be talking to brittany kaiser

aaron banks – big brexit supporter

30 min – b: the wealthiest co’s are tech co’s..  reason they’re most powerful.. last year data surpassed oil in its value.. data is the most valuable asset on earth

adding to this ridiculous ness.. since none of it is legit (ie: it’s from from whales in sea world)

31 min – paul hidler: dropped everything to work on this w brittany – who said if she told some stuff.. she could maybe make this mess (she helped create) ok.. do something good with it

37 min – b: i was part of the team running obama’s fb.. spent time working on human rights campaigning.. but felt like i was wasting my time.. then met alexander nix (ceo ca).. coming across a co where you could actually see your impact was really exciting for me

40 min – b: changed my lifestyle.. joined nra.. felt like i was getting to know people that i used to disagree with a lot.. like my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins

b: it was important.. it is important.. i feel like the main problem in us politics is that people are so polarized and they can’t understand each other and therefore they can’t work together.. and therefore nothing gets done

on fb profiting off users’ data – p: best platform to run experiments on

41 min – b: we didn’t target (online surveys) everyone equally.. the bulk of our resources went into people who’s minds we thought we could change.. we call them the persuadables.. in swing states.. we created trigor ized content and then bombarded them.. videos/blogs/ads..  on every platform you could imagine.. until they saw the world the way we wanted them to.. until they voted for our candidate

awful.. but again.. already been done.. ie: supposed to’s.. of school/work ..programmed in us.. from age 5

the whole idea of presidency came from being persuaded/coerced/manufactured/complied..

42 min – b: you send your data out.. it gets analyzed.. and it comes back at you as targeted messaging .. to change your behavior

48 min – b talking to mom and mom is worried for her life.. b: i know.. but i can’t keep quiet just because it will make powerful people mad

zuck on stand about ca (b and d upset)


56 min – ca became responsible for everything wrong in the world (b: i didn’t know ca would ever be known by everyone)

57 min – wylie set out to kill the co.. i don’t know what b was doing

1:01 – b: (digging thru her piles of data) showing 30m individual’s data on ca after told fb they deleted it

ca talking from b’s computer: the holy grail of communication is when you can learn to change behavior

see.. that’s what attention is about.. good or bad.. making it all bad .. for humanity

ca talking from b’s computer: do so campaign.. do so rather than vote.. to persuade youth to be apathetic.. join a gang..

1:05 – b on stand

both carole and david saying .. jay dropping when brittany said these (data charts) were classified as weapons grade tech.. illegal to use w/o commission of british govt

c: the thing i give b credit for.. is so many have kept their mouth shut

c: it’s psyops.. psych operation.. what you do in warfare that isn’t warfare.. techniques to persuade

1:13 – on military using it

c: real game changer.. info warfare in elections.. how to persuade people

we put info into the bloodstream of the internet and watch it grow.. untrackable..

1:16 – on hillary and trump

1:17 – ca shuts down.. so now the fb scandal..? this is not about one co

1:19 – c: ca is gone.. but the bigger story is that our data is out there being used in ways we don’t understand

no.. the bigger/deeper story is that that data is not legit.. it’s a distraction.. and we have the means for a reset

1:22 – c: this is not bi partisan.. it’s about our democracy.. we need more info..  you need to look higher and see the bigger issue/risks

no.. we need a refocus.. on what matters.. and what is legit

more info on non legit info?

1:23 – roger macnamee (investor in fb) – fb designed to manipulate

1:26 – b: we lost our family home in 2014 – when i started working for ca

1:33 – on b meeting w assange

b: carole’s article completely changed the way they (mueller) see me.. ie: didn’t talk about election w assange.. i see all the facts and i can’t argue with that.. i may have to rethink the way i’ve been viewing things for the past few years

c: authoritarian govts on rise.. and using fb to get elected; myanmar al.. to change stories.. stoking fear and hate to turn country against itself

c: nothing is what it seems

exactly.. most of all us.. ie: not us ness

1:40 – b: i don’t think it’s possible to shed any of this.. you can’t really put something like this behind you

we all need a reset

1:41 – listening to this not it just sounds like a criminal admitting to everything he’s done wrong around the world.. it’s opposite of what i worked my whole life to do.. makes me angry i could sit thru a whole meeting like that and not quit directly after

1:43 – p: she is one of 2 people who have blown the whistle in any serious way.. we are all responsible.. what do we do w that responsibility

1:44 – 157 million voters and just one asked ca .. can i see the data you have on me and they refused to give it to him.. and today ca pled guilty

1:46 – c: you set out to connect people.. and you refuse to acknowledge that the same tech is now driving us apart.. it’s bigger than any of us.. it’s about .. is it possible to have a free/fair election ever again

hat’s not the point.. dang.. elections are as cancerous as anything in this doc .. et al

1:47 – d: our dignity as humans is at stake..

our humanity is at stake

manipulation is a distraction.. we have the means to create a nother way to live.. where all of this is irrelevant.. as it should be

(final words of film) d: i can’t help ask myself.. can i be manipulated.. can you?

better question.. can we (our hearts/souls) be listened to and facil.. connected because of that data

as it could be..


from saul on the great hack and data

Saul Kaplan (@skap5) tweeted at 5:53 AM – 27 Jul 2019 :
Just watched #TheGreatHack on #Netflix. Like I needed to start the weekend all riled up! It’s our data. #My31 (

but it’s non-legit data.. like data from whales in sea world

deeper issue..what data could we be focusing on w today’s tech capabilities. .

ie: self-talk/daily curiosity as data..

tech/data as it could be..


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The Cambridge Analytica scandal is examined through the eyes of several involved persons