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Carne Ross (@carneross) tweeted at 5:38 AM – 19 Mar 2018 :

We desperately need an alternative to the ghastly, intrusive, unaccountable and manipulative @facebook –

13 min video:

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower: ‘We spent $1m harvesting millions of Facebook profiles’


thru out history you have ie’s of grossly unethical experiments.. yes.. it was a grossly unethical experiment.. you are playing w an entire country.. psychology of an entire country.. w/o their consent/awareness..

some good.. some bad experiment ing

i help set up cambridge analytica.. it’s incorrect to call cambridge analytica a purely data science co or an algo co.. it is a full service propaganda machine

if you can control all of the streams of info around your opponents .. you can influence how they perceive that battle space.. and you can then influence how they’re going to behave/react..

2 min – breitbart – the blog for angry white men

4 min – the breitbart doctrine.. if you want to change politics.. you first have to change culture.. because politics flows from culture.. so what i said is that if you want to change culture.. you first have to understand what the units of culture are.. people are the units of culture.. so if you want to change politics.. you first have to change people to change culture

if you want to fight/win a battle/war.. you need weapons for that.. he wanted cultural weapons.. and we could build them for him (bannon).. but needed money.. so got it from mercer

5 min – the combo was.. wouldn’t just be targeting you as voter but you as a personality.. so collecting a lot of data to build a psych profile of each voter in a particular region.. or in this case.. all of the us

6 min – so.. got all this money.. and bannon breathing down neck.. where is may culture weapon.. so went to profs.. and found..kogan – who had apps.. that got data from one using app as well as all friends fb profile.. only need to touch a couple hundred thousand people.. to scan into all of america.. app could get private messages

8 min – we didn’t do due diligence.. we were solely focused on getting this data and doing this experiment.. 50-60 mn profiles collected in a 2-3 month period

9 min – when alexander nix told that cambridge analytica has never used fb data.. that’s not true.. we spent 1 mn harvesting 10s of millions of fb profiles.. and those profiles were used as basis of algos that became the foundation of cambridge analytica.. co was founded on using fb data

so we would know what kinds of messaging you would be susceptible to.. the framing/topic/content/tone.. and where you’re going to consume that.. and how many times we need to touch you with that .. in order to have you think about something..

10 min – then.. content created to match .. on internet for them/you to find.. they see that.. click it.. go down the rabbit hole.. until they start to think something differently

instead of standing in the public square and saying what you think.. and then letting people come and listen to you .. and have that shared experience as to what your narrative is.. you are whispering into the ear of each and every voter

so.. this is exact opp/reverse of what could happen..  imagine we listen to each person first.. and facil daily curiosities.. key is to let everyone play.. so that everyone has something else to do.. so no one is trying to .. or has a desire to.. or has time to.. game anyone/thing

11 min – you may be whispering one thing to this voter and another thing to another voter.. we risk fragmenting society.. in a way where we don’t have anymore shared experiences and we don’t have anymore shared understanding

if you want to fundamentally change society.. you first have to break it.. it’s only when you break it.. you can remold the pieces into your vision of a new society

how about.. now that we’re beyond broken.. we remold us into our vision of a new society..  a means to listen to all the voices.. everyday..

this was the weapon that steve banning wanted to build to fight his culture war

12 min – i don’t want to say i don’t trust anybody.. i’d say.. i go thru life w a healthy dose of skepticism

imagine 7 bn people going thru life.. assuming good.. imagine that..


Hugo Rifkind (@hugorifkind) tweeted at 6:07 AM – 27 Mar 2018 :

Wylie just told the DCMS committee that his predecessor was found dead and another colleague had a broken skull. “”It’s no wonder people are afraid to come forward,” he said. Crikey. (

Ian Dunt (@IanDunt) tweeted at 4:53 AM – 27 Mar 2018 :

Wylie at Commons committee is fascinating. Would strongly advise you watch (


Why (almost) everything reported about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook ‘hacking’ controversy is wrong

To be crystal clear, I’m not arguing that Cambridge Analytica and Kogan were innocent. At the very least, it is clear they were doing things that were contrary to Facebook’s data sharing policies. And similarly Facebook seems to have been altogether too cavalier with permitting developers to access its users’ private data.

What I am arguing is that Cambridge Analytica are not the puppet masters they are being widely portrayed as. If anything they are much more akin to Donald Trump; making widely exaggerated claims about their abilities and getting lots of attention as a result.


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the great hack – doc on ca with wylie in it