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Equity matters. So perhaps we redefine public ed, because currently, everyone isn’t being drawn out. And perhaps, this is a perfect venue/vehicle to get at equity.

What if funding is no longer tied to seat time and test scores. Imagine instead, if funding comes per census, ie: how many k-12 are in your city. And that continues as long as a city continues to facilitate 1 and 2 of the redefinition, concerning all the people. Listening to each other without an agenda, in order to crowdsource community/individual needs.

We are seeking to model this vision of what it might look like in the future if government funding went toward the enlivening of a city/community. What it might look like if we focus more on a time/talent shared [connected/relationship/money\less] economy.

We’re curious about what might happen if we trust people, if public ed focused more on the public, than on paperwork/policy of proof and/or mistrust. [currently the #2 market in the US at 1.3 trill – not to mention the funding spent on healthcare, because so many are currently suffocating from ed as is.] We believe we can’t wait.


side howWe believe scaling the individual will not only hasten equity, but provide ongoing sustainability/thrivability. Everyone known by someone, while they work on their art. Perhaps tech can help us facilitate curiosities.

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We’re thinking, what’s not yet been tried is a city-wideduring-the-day experiment.

  1. city-wide, in the city, so that it’s playing out within a cross-generational, eclectic community of people. [ie: not just getting better within a 3rd grade classroom, a school, a business]

  2. during-the-day, as the day.  [ie: not just tacked onto the day, not just after hours]


side whatPerhaps a means to making this happen [on a global/equitable scale] in a timely manner is simply getting people to believe it’s possible. We see the result of this experiment as a placebo, to jumpstart people everywhere into believing. Believing this redefinition is possible, that equity is possible. Perhaps people believing, people with a new mindset, is all we need.

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The placebo effect has an impact on more than medicine—we see what we believe, not the other way around. – Icarus Deception


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