awareness cycle

from Seth.. The idea awareness cycle

in particular:

Ignorance—We’re too busy doing our jobs to notice that.

thinking.. pluralistic ignorance.. via voluntary compliance.. via busy ness.. et al

Dismissal—That? It’s trivial. Kids.

this is ridiculous – not..

this is ridiculous..

Nervousness—Let’s take a look at what they’re up to, benchmark it, buy a research report… Bob, can you handle this?

B and b ness.. graeber min of  min/max ness

Poor Copies—See, I told you it was no big deal. Our new model is almost the same.

where part\ial ness is getting us..


thinking beyond – idea – awareness… thinking more .. alive\ness..

[and not resonating with his last link to newspaper ness.. tied up in money.. which is the os of the cycle/us no..?]


// j o r d a n // b a t e s // (@_jordan_bates) tweeted at 1:55 AM on Wed, Nov 27, 2019:
Do not try to change your life
Simply become deeply aware of your patterns and behaviors
Accept yourself precisely as you are while becoming intensely aware of how you are
You will notice your behavior shift organically
Awareness is the most powerful catalyst for change

pearson unconditional law


awakening indispensable people