m of care – dec 5

dec 5 – with art school

Art school IAFS will host an event about the Museum of Care, everybody is welcome!

Sat Dec 5, 6pm London time

    Meeting ID: 961 663 56820
    Password: 2843331288 https://t.co/OlIyAkAXsD

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notes/quotes from meeting (m of care presenting to the art school: nika and tj having a convo about m of care) – 20 ish people

sounded like tj intro’d as tj gabor.. ?

tj: reading m of care manifesto

again.. totally like year 2 – the be you house

nika: an attempt to put into practice what we wrote in another art world.. not about art world for art.. but about society.. replace production and consumption with care and freedom

tj: what clarified nika’s vision for me was the origin story.. david’s fam home in fire island ny.. they were thinking.. let’s have that a place for activists to meet academics (anyone who uses their mind).. during carnival people telling nika they had places.. so nika got idea of museum of care.. as we become competent at this .. we can offer advice to others.. and legal resources (clearing red tape) .. so that’s sort of the vision

tj: asking nika on proletarian culture.. help me imagine ussr’s prolitcult.. what does it look like

nika: (tells of history of prolitcult in ussr).. promise of russian revolution.. was not promise of sanders.. so can’t compare (like tj had asked) .. in new world.. everybody free.. people of future have power of whatever they choose to do.. prolitcult was place this change was supposed to come

do whatever you want ness.. the thing(s) you can’t not do

nika: huge.. up until late 80s.. i was going for art.. in this case.. we would like to create the same but internationally.. hoping people can maybe get some formal ed or diploma from this.. whatever they desire to do

tj: what did these houses of culture look like

nika: very diff in 1920s (impoverished time).. then when i was going.. why survived.. russian ed system very ideologically pressured and non free.. but this prolitcult.. were small.. places to do what you will..

tj: prolitcult spread like wildfire.. i feel same with m of care.. people saying love our zoom mtgs (unlike others i’ve been a part of that seem depressing).. is that feeling same as prolitcult

nika: i hope so.. i don’t know.. we’ll see.. i think when people try something to try to change their lives.. that’s supposed to feel like this

tj: in one mtg asked each other what you’d do in these places (m of care residency).. you said whoa.. that’s what people already do at art residency.. you said no that communism.. could you explain that

nika: people say if totally free going to plant in garden, go on walks, et al.. of course that’s description of contemp art.. but they would choose who could do that.. had to apply..

yeah.. has to be all of us

nika: maybe we should talk about our convo yesterday w adrian.. i think he described m of care

tj: yeah definitely that’s what i was thinking about.. do you as an artist sense crazy fun art coming out of m of care.. because can defy convention . .quoting david on ie’s of art from free people.. so i was thinking crazy stuff can happen.. so ie: 3d printers.. if unleash people’s imaginations on what art is.. and then start having tools democratizing it all

totally talking personal fabrification ness

nika: yeah i think about rep rap as open source.. a very political project.. w implication to create a revolution.. ie: give everyone their own factory.. so not just tools.. but eliminate market.. so can have anything you want..

gershenfeld something else law

nika: also cannot sell or take possession – that’s what you call communism.. we can call it art communism to be on safe side

tj: on something missing in revolutions.. heavy classism.. i would imagine art world is a bit different..

nika: wait.. i have to correct you.. he is a known professor.. he did this for the world.. he’s not a only a private person

tj: how did you and david come up with this.. you don’t just have an idea.. but an entire body of theory.. easier to implement.. can see obstacles et al

huge ness of finding red flags

nika: fire house was very spontaneous.. but this is not just us.. everybody.. stealing ideas .. many people realizing world is messed up and this is way to change it

does have to be everybody..
begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening

tj: can we use m of care platform to attack that prison platform – get people out cages et al

yeah.. to free whales from sea world..

hari rat park law et al

tj: i feel greater ability to intervene in world w a team.. on certifications.. we don’t really want people who want certifications.. but we do want to empower people to be effective in dystopian world.. what’s wrong w certification if that’s their currency

lots tons.. tons wrong with the whole idea of currency – any form of measuring/accounting

nika: yeah.. give everybody house, certif, passport, health.. so they can travel everywhere..

yeah.. and.. make it so that many of those things become irrelevant – most are red flags we’re doing it/life wrong

equity – everyone getting a go everyday

elizabeth (host from art school): as dytopia of capitalism continues to push people out.. systems that can catch people and hold them.. i think we’re are doing same w free art school.. is that fair comparison

nika: how did you continue as community w/o money

elizabeth: complete disorder.. relied on money for everything.. the notion of mutual aid i learned from students who quickly org’d that.. on teaching/learning outside formal ed.. opp to share/listen and find resources for things we want more understanding about.. the less money we have to deal with.. less time we have to talk about the money.. how can we do this w/o default to reliance on the system.. i happen to be married to a fundraiser..

try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

w/ubi as temp placebo.. needs met w/o money.. till people forget about measuring

tj: i was homeless.. and i really hope we can remove dependence on that absurdity

student from art school: it was very apparent who had money and who didn’t – how do we change so that doesn’t happen.. where does it start?

elizabeth: art school is for everyone.. 4 yr old 40 yrs old.. made it very clear from early on

yeah has to be all of us.. in the city.. as the day..

or we’ll just keep perpetuating tragedy of the non common

art – from art school: looking at historical ie’s.. is museum of care looking at other ie’s beside prolitcult

nika: we just started.. maybe we can invite you.. this is extremely important.. i can tell you how prolitcult did that with ie’s like wikipedia.. framed in democratic way .. where everybody had a voice

wikipedia ness.. www ness et al

this is huge nika.. not everyone has had a voice.. every.. that’s the diff today.. we have the means for that ie: non hierarchical listening et al

elizabeth: on wanting to tease out rep rap.. and the physical/virtual rooms in museum of care.. tool that can move between these spaces.. m of care structured to balance these spaces

yeah that ie: year 2 – the be you house

elizabeth: say i’m in a room in m of care in san fran.. have access to a tool that can take digital files and turn into physical things.. do i also have access to people in virtual rooms.. wondering about collective problem solving.. there’s an interface i don’t understand

ie: self-talk as data

tech as it could be – to undo our hierarchical listening

tj: that’s what we’re thinking about.. want to solve.. there’s a tension here.. want to imagine as much as we can.. but we know reality will present features that may alter everything.. we want to link people together.. thinking about using something like discord to link rooms together.. discord is a chat server used heavily in gaming world.. a room can be virtual or real world.. can be both.. many will just want virtual.. don’t want to go out.. or could let in certain people to collab with.. a lot would have affinities for each other.. would certainly want to leverage the expertise.. ie: if you have a problem.. other’s can help w that.. people can help solve each other’s problems.. enable each other .. because as individuals we’re quite limited..

tj: i’m constantly going up against edge of my limits of cognition..

yeah.. human being ness.. not about intellect ness or even about problem solving.. more about fittingness and interconnectedness

tj: on finding person that bonds w you so you can have that dialogue that allows for longer times of being able to remain in cognition (paraphrase)

ie:  2 convers as infra

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. we might just get to a more antifragile, healthy, thriving world.. the ecosystem we keep longing for..

what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people

elizabether: rep rap as tool for physical.. need for creative/collective/located problem solving

huge.. wish you could hear – but tool not about problem solving.. about listening deep enough to get back/to natural interconnectedness

gabi: on how this is already going global

yeah .. for sure.. but what we need more is the local

nika: on visual assemblies.. if everyone an artist.. who facil’s et al.. cool to connect to somebody to help us with that

tech/mech to facil us .. ai humanity needs: augmenting interconnectedness et al

huge for 3 reasons: 1\ as you just said.. then we wouldn’t all be free.. some would be facil ing 2\ we couldn’t even if we tried/wanted.. that’s what the ginormous-small capabilities of tech is for – to facil assumed chaos 3\ only tech can be non judgmental (and non hierarchical) in listening to self-talk





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