boredom – the state of being bored


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There are three types of boredom, all of which involve problems of engagement of attention. These include times when we are prevented from engaging in wanted activity, when we are forced to engage in unwanted activity, or when we are simply unable for no apparent reason to maintain engagement in any activity or spectacle.

Boredom is a condition characterized by perception of one’s environment as dull, tedious, and lacking in stimulation.

Blaise Pascal in the Pensées discusses the human condition in saying “we seek rest in a struggle against some obstacles. And when we have overcome these, rest proves unbearable because of the boredom it produces”, and later states that “only an infinite and immutable object – that is, God himself – can fill this infinite abyss.”

Erich Fromm and other thinkers of critical theory speak of boredom as a common psychological response to industrial society, where people are required to engage in alienated labor. According to Fromm, boredom is “perhaps the most important source of aggression and destructiveness today.” For Fromm, the search for thrills and novelty that characterizes consumer culture are not solutions to boredom, but mere distractions from boredom which, he argues, continues unconsciously.


curiosity as cure.. something else to do ness

like we have created this mindset.. that busy is good.

In old age the emphasis shifts from doing to being, and our civilization, which is lost in doing, know nothing of being. It asks: being? What do you do with it?   – Eckhart Tolle

and that the driver of busy is some extrinsic instruction/directive. we don’t know what to do on our own. and we’re too busy following orders.. we’re too busy with the supposed to‘s to even consider what we might do on our own.

howard thurman quote come alive

and/or.. we’ve figured out the thing we can’t not do today.. but we don’t feel we have permission/means to do/be that.

and/or.. we don’t believe in the iterative\ness of groundhog day.. or fifty first dates. that equity is about getting a (new/fresh) go everyday. so we might feel free from all of the extrinsic drivers/voices but have locked ourselves into an internal curriculum. aka: lacking the bravery to change our mind everyday.

like we don’t believe our whimsy/gut could unfold that enough ness.


david on boredom


2012 –

Boredom: What Is It Really?

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Specifically, we’re bored when:

  • We have difficulty paying attention to the internal information (e.g., thoughts or feelings) or external information (e.g., environmental stimuli) required for participating in satisfying activity
  • We’re aware of the fact that we’re having difficulty paying attention
  • We believe that the environment is responsible for our aversive state (e.g., “this task is boring,” “there is nothing to do”).

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about focus.. but used to be a kid issue.. has become a chronic adult issue.. so that people see time with themselves as a dead time. what can i entertain myself with.. the minute that momentary entertainment is gone .. they experience themselves again.. as an absence..

this chronic feeling in our culture right now it that this moment whatever it’s made of is not enough.. i could do more..

we’ve developed a new relationship with this moment and any open space in this moment.. and it’s terror

boredom used to mean – didn’t have anything to do.. and now.. too much to do… or not the right things that we want to do.. ways to kill time rather than ways to find meaning…

it’s not that i don’t have anything to do.. it’s just i don’t know what i want to do


Boredom has been defined as “meaning withdrawal”. Genius!  Wow! @NautilusMag

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cure for boredom





never nothing

begin being


pascal quiet in room


so am thinking.. what to do when you feel bored..

ask yourself..

is this because i can’t/don’t have the means/permission to do what i want to do

is this because i’m being forced/coerced to do something i don’t want to do

is this because i don’t know what i want to do

if still no resolve/insight.. and if possible..

go on a walk

take a shower

connect with someone – ie: hug




World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 5:22 AM – 8 Oct 2016 :

Being bored is good for children – and adults. This is why

imagine if we disengaged from the 7 hour supposed to day.. ie: school.. work.. to free time up to be bored/us..


on (seemingly) laziness of thinkers

The more intelligent don’t get bored easily as they can engage themselves in their inner worlds. The less intelligent, on the other hand, use physical activity as a way to beat the boredom.

never nothing going on ness..

boredom ness

The thinkers were much less active during the business days of Monday through Friday than the non-thinkers. On the weekend, however, there was curiously no difference between the groups.

fitting with our original questioning.. can’t wait for weekend.. .. we’re all begging for as the day ness.. aka: not some part\ial fix


on being boring ness:

The School of Life (@TheSchoolOfLife) tweeted at 5:30 AM – 24 Oct 2016 :

That there is simply no such thing as an inherently boring person or thing is one of the great lessons of art (

We babble inconsequentially to the world because we lack the nerve to look more closely and unflinchingly within.

We are rendered boring not by nature so much as by a fateful will – that begins its malevolent reign over us in adolescence – to appear normal.


seth on thoughts on i’m bored:

Bored is what empty space feels like, and you can use that empty space to go do something important. Bored means that you’re paying attention