education cities – yaacov hecht

taped during coffee talk (p 2 and p 3) on day 2 of idec 2013.

more on Yaacov

more on city as school

education cities ustream channel (ed cities conference jan 2014 – with Hecht, Mitra, Robinson):
education cities livestream


pdf – city strategies for lifelong learning


aero conf 2015 – Sugata and Yaakov at aero (via Luba) – on education cities:

on courses/classes… mappings/ways to see where you can go… –  [w/in formal school – option to learn outside of school/box – option to learn my smartest people from mooc] – Yaacov

i see importance of self-talk being first.. that data first: a nother way ness. on the need to find what makes you come alive first… rather than looking at options (even if there are a ton of them).. if we want this to be sustainable/thriving/self-perpetuating… and then – like play – always have option of changing your mind..

could the cloud be a replacement for the need of a school… the need to memorize things just in case… – Sugata

what could new assessment system be… – Sugata

on building the curriculum – on everyone building it – this is the challenge. – in my thinking this question will disappear – Yaacov

assessment.. instead of a precise number… will need to be a probability..  ie: somebody is good looking… we don’t put a number on that.. statistical at how many people agree – Sugata


on chaotic clapping.. then going toward unison… there was no conductor… who decided the frequency.. whatever decided the frequency was not human.. the aliens are us when we are all joined together… ie: your brain responding to the averages of the clappings.. of quantum mechanics of probabilities… changing from mechanistic to probablistic system. what if the assessment system is how the claps come together.. built in that kind of collective manner. – Sugata

ie: how are the people around you doing…

on the changes of the crowd/individual via each individual share.. ie: see something that you know nothing/little of.. but someone else knows/shares… so changes direction of entire group – Sugata

i think he’s saying this is good.. this is the social of learning that gets you from nowhere of something to somewhere. which is great.. but would add (and he might too in his way).. the need for self convo first.. so that you are operating out of your brain… would keep the sway more true north.. if everyone is balancing off their own mind/heart.. rather than the person who seems/appears to know something about something in the group..

you can’t take a self-organizing system and give it an agenda.. – Sugata