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@meedabyte @DrDCWahl @btincq @TedNordhaus so the question is: what kind of trans-local, trans-national form of community can deal with global issues ? some type of planetary guild ? as emerging as it still is, I’m betting on it;

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We need a scalable, networked form of social cohesion – john robb

ie: cure ios city

That requires finding and reinforcing networks of consensus. – john robb

or maybe sans consensus

ie: decision making is unmooring us law et al


so much to parse out.. starting at top of page –

bullet 1\ We endorse the proposal by Joseph Cederwall: A Global New Deal For The Commons

A proposal by Joseph Cederwall: A Global New Deal For The Commons::

“I propose that what humanity and the planet desperately needs is a Global New Deal For The Commons. .. If structured right, such a deal would have a massive impact towards restoring the planetary ecosystem and biodiversity, as well as healing deprived and hopeless communities everywhere in the process.

*ie: 2 conversations as infra.. sans ie: investments et al.. let go

 scaling bottom-up land-use initiatives and ideas

ie: cure ios city (city sketchup et al)

However, crucially, to bring about this new order, we must find ways to continue challenging the narrow confines of permitted thought and debate keeping us locked in the destructive dominion paradigm.

like all the above.. ie: all the things you say we’d need to focus on.. too much man..

It would need to restore the rule of law and ensure the protection of whistleblowers, journalists, activists and politicians challenging this narrative. If not, who will hold power accountable for their inaction or blocking of real progress? Who will continue to tell the stories and defend the rights of those on the margins building the alternative futures discussed above?

yeah.. too much.. let go..

let’s try a legit alt – that even the inspectors of inspectors already crave.. otherwise just spinning our wheels (and sucking all our energy) with tragedy of the non common

bullet 2\ Peter Pogany, in the landmark book Rethinking the World calls for a new global system (Global System 3) that adds a new layer of binding multilateralism, which protects our compact with nature through respect for planetary boundaries. See the prototyping being done by the R3.0 project, i.e. the Global​ ​Thresholds​ ​and Allocations​ ​Council

from last link:

to establish an authoritative approach to reporting economic, environmental and social performance in relation to generally accepted boundaries and limits –

GTAC will operate as a partnership between leading organizations and individuals from science, business, investment, government, and civil society focused on assessing and validating methodologies for allocating fair shares of responsibility to organizations for their impacts on the stocks and flows of capitals – natural, human, social and other resources – within their carrying capacities. Building on extant efforts to establish science-based targets, GTAC will accelerate progress toward contextualizing company disclosures commensurate with the ecological, social and economic urgencies facing societies and companies alike in the coming decades.

humanity needs/craves a nother way.. sans inspectors of inspectors ness

let go

bullet 3\ For our own vision in the P2P Foundation: Michel Bauwens on the Emerging Commons-Centric Planetary Civilization

first link is 1 hour video – michel on eutopia workshop (notes from live zoom here)

then in description:

Conversation/interview conducted by Bruce Alderman for the ‘Integral Stage’ series, ‘Eutopia’, on the Planetary Civilization:

“Recognizing that the multiple crises we face globally are confronting us with the limits and blind spots of our present systems, structures, and paradigms, we are inviting people in this new series to offer their best visions for thriving, integrally healthy societies of the future — “eutopias” or planetary wisdom civilizations. How might we better organize and “dwell together”? How might we better integrate with and even optimize our local and global ecologies? What would an integral kosmopolis look like, and what will it take to get there?

what we need most – is a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. so we don’t spend our days listening to ie: zoom livestreams of people (aka: whales in sea world talking about data on whales in sea world.. et al)

In episode 5, MICHEL BAUWENS argues that the ideal win-win of a Game B or 2nd Tier future must be grounded in an appreciation for, and cultivation of, local and global commons, including an economics that rewards for prosocial contributions and realistically accounts for limits.

limits et al

In this context, he discusses the mission of the P2P Foundation to study the impact of peer-to-peer technology and thought on society, and to theorize new models of governance, accounting, and self-organization based on principles of the collaborative commons and various ‘seed form’ P2P projects that have emerged around the world.

tech as it could be..

The work of the P2P Foundation generally has been anti-utopian in its avoidance of any investment in an idealized “should” for the direction of society, but it remains committed to the possibility of social progress through attention to the many successes of projects and communities at our cultures’ experimental edges.”

experimental edges: cure ios city.. every day

under introduction:

Introduction by James Quilligan: Beyond State Capitalism: The Commons Economy in our Lifetimes. 

In considering the essential problem of how to produce and distribute material wealth, virtually all of the great economists in Western history have ignored the significance of the commons –

actually.. virtually everyone (or everyone) has ignored what legit commoning would be

oikos (the economy our souls crave).. ‘i should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.’ – gaston bachelard, the poetics of space


we need to quit saying global and commons.. if we’re not legit about across the board ness.. ie: global systemic change; (global) do-over; et al


1\ undisturbed ecosystem (common\ing) can happen

2\ if we create a way to ground the chaos of 8b free people