gansky – seeing around the corners

seeing around corners

Lisa‘s podcast launch oct 2015


[taking notes here]


episode intro via Lisa

sharing my instigations publicly


episode 1: Playing the Long Game – with Scott Heiferman (ceo/founder of meetup)

inspired us to get physical in a world that is getting too digital too fast – Lisa

how do people find their people..

find people

does making creating communities easier denigrate community..? no.

meetup is the gymnasium we can all go to build the muscle memory for being a community organizer – Lisa

and network effect – now there’s 10-20000 meetups a day

we want a world filled with real local community


episode 2: A Springboard to Glocal Innovation – Tomás de Lara

global shaper – 20-30 yrs old – collab first local then global

zoom dance ness

lisa – on looking at yelp data – most fairly wealth and fairly white.. we’re not capturing yet .. a lot of people.. what makes me optimistic.. people like global shapers.. giving voice.. – allessandro –

nithya ramon – finding out tech was getting in the way.. so went to the streets.. lisa

referencing charles on interconnectivity – at beginning of ouishare

entering a culture of generosity… lisa


Fair trade music, collaborators & #blockchain w @imogenheap @leashless @sytaylor @javicreus @nbrusson @trendwatching

Original Tweet:

earlier on.. i would see problems and think i couldn’t take them on.. but now surrounded by such people that i feel i can.. ie: vinay…


frustration plus insight to fix…

1.3 trill industry… musicians get less than percent of that.. has to be a better way.. we all need music..

6 min – lisa – on blockchaine making a transparency for the value chain…


8 min – lisa – might be first time vinay has been anyone’s muse

10 min – i’ve kind of unhinged myself.. for this time… – also doing music for harry potter… i’ve been given a lifeline.. to not have to worry about next album…

13 min – Mycelia as myself magnified – about setting standards.. for companies to work within.. to be the entrepreneurs we naturally are…

15 min – if we could simplify.. get a layer.. to find info.. projects wouldn’t be so wrapped up in delays… being able to get things going w/o people even having to contact you

16 min – lisa – much like p2p world and creative commons

18 min – lisa – your rep is that you’re very accessible.. wanting to be in convo w/fans

20 min – on nothing yet – that’s really holistic…

22 min – lisa – it’s a music commons that you’re building…. w/ blockchain.. opportunity to build social operating system…  this is mine, this is ours, this is everyone’s..

24 min – at ted salon … hear jamie bartlett on the dark net… hooks me up with vinay… exciting times… the connections… there’s hope… they’ve come to save us.. that’s the most powerful thing… music community are starting to feel positive.. to know that on the horizon is something hopeful… that feels like it will be ok..

26 min – lisa – excited… because it’s like fairness.. and could work in other industries…

indeed.. rna ness.. io dance ness

28 min – the data base is the key to everything… so how to not fall down… key.. to keep it open.. invite everyone to play the game.. and build it together…

29 min – lisa – idea of a commons/stewardship/trust.. artist community is building something.. ie: i don’t want to make platform… i just want to do music.. gathering all sorts of characters that see this as an opportunity to work on something together...

one ness

36 min – my frustration w/myself.. for not figuring out %’s yet… of how to divy up money.. it feels like this annoying thing..

? – that’s what we need to get rid of .. no..? the math/measurement of our relationships..


feb 2016 – interview w/Nilofer:

8 min – have we set up the infrastructure to let that person (any person) participate

io dance et al

10 min – onlyness is the opposite of being a cog in the system…

11 min – on not using word – unique –

12 min – on discovering what your onlyness is – lisa – hard to see what we distinctly bring… honing the vibration/gift .. which one do you hone.. a softer idea.. but very clear once it’s clear

15 min – about the question.. that everyone else thinks is a crazy question.. and it keeps coming back to you… and then.. how do you notice what you notice…

17 min – on it being the person we ignored for four years… what if it’s that we just notice what we notice..

18 min – the closer you get to the top. the more it’s the person protecting job..  – onlyness not always well received – lisa… so person chooses to plant in place where red is accepted.. or transfer to a place that it’s valuable..

19 min – on being limited to geography before.. and now you can mobilize…

decision making ness… consensus as irrelevant…

19 min – navigating by your onlyness – lisa – well timed w/blockchain ness..


27 min – i can’t be curious and prove who i am to that person… 

spaces of permission w\nothing to prove... chip takes care of trail

30 min – how to do onlyness and ai –

if jobs disappear.. how do we get people to do onlyness – what is the scaffolding org’s need..  i’m thinking how humans beat ai – as onlyness is our thing that can’t be replaced..

self-talk as data. as the day.



Holy moly insightful interview: @instigating, @pkedrosky, Bitcoin, decoupling & “tech sublimation”… h/t @lesamitchell

hmm.. missing it..

6 min ish – unbundling storehouse of value (people saying bitcoin not working) or transaction (people saying bitcoin working)

? – so focused on money.. measuring transaction..

10 min – democratizing – huge optimism.. fintech – permitting process of supplementation..

blockchain – what everybody wants it to be… i see.. a transparent light weight framework.. like html .. that allows you to abstract away payment from currency itself… like html allowed us to abstract away structure… w html.. that was a lovely idea.. but never happened.. we were supposed to separate tagging from content…same w blockchain.. supposed to separate you from payment… the http html of block chain is getting rapped up in payment…

? seems we’re missing the potential of blockchain…

create a series of api..

ok that.. but not tied with measuring transactions..

13 min – back to measurement…


can be any form of exchange… it really is a distribute transparent ledger of anything…

so .. let’s make it ledger of self talk.. to bring people together via whimsy..

helpful to say spreadsheet rather than ledger…

pushes things out in open that were previously hidden, ie: developing market place.. can encourage more exchange.. less hoarding..

16 min – lisa on finite (greed)/infinite (keep game going) games… when i started to understand blockchain… true p2p.. big gapping holes was reputation currency…  i’m seeing new kind of value system for building corps… w blockchain as infinite game… and how value is distributed..

18 min – paul – i like finite/infinite.. captures hoarding vs free exchange.. inadequacy of info.. we end up making things ie: worse… by pulling back if something bad happens… stops flow of moneys..

20 min – lisa – on banks coming together..

paul – only 2 states in companies.. private and public..

24 min – jobs – customers..