alessandra orofino

allessandro orofino

[rio de janeiro, brazil]


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tedglobal oct 2014:

It’s our city. Let’s fix it.

how do we start building cities that make us care, honor diversity, make us happy..

we need a participation revolution.. and fast.. people are tired of only being treated as empowered individuals every few years (voting)

protests in brazil 2013 – this needs to change..

7 min – the problem – the logistical nightmare – tech can help

city govts have not used tech as best it could.. ie: humans as sensors… potholes, et al; respond to outcomes already made for them..

spinach or rock ness.. see click fix ness…

we don’t need to wait for govt.. ie: meu rio  – now 160000 citizens of rio – 1 of 15 of young people

iwan baan ness – self-organizingness..

13 min – we are ready.. right now


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Alessandro founded Meu Rio:

meu rio

from their site:

The Our Cities Network is made up of thousands of people with different opinions on various topics. This diversity does not stop them from working together for more cities …


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