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adding page because of this convo w Cotton ( where i was intrigued w Cotton’s response to – what advice he might give to Don

8 min – parental involvement.. i think we have incredible opp .. we don’t even know how to use it yet.. the tech.. provides opp for parents in home environ to really be involved in ed of kids..

and i’m imagining tech/mech to involve 7 bn.. everyday.. via 2 convos .. as the day

since we now have a means to model a nother way to live that 7 bn people could leap to (rp as a possible model)

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


more insight on his ed thinking – from 2015

7 min –  our primary objectives.. 1\ children get best ed so can be competitive in global environ 2\ highly skilled workforce for every business..

twain quote: from our public schools comes the greatness of a nation


perhaps time to question that.. try something different.. since we have the means

8 min – there is no denying that the quality of our schools will determine where this nation goes in future..

9 min – study research – clearly.. quality and ability to earn wages is tied directly to quality/quantity of Ed

what if earning wages isn’t our goal..?

that means money gets re invested into econ for services and goods

made up money as os.. not behooving of humanity.. if we keep measuring transactions/us.. we’re not tapping into the energy we’re capable of

more research – clearly.. quality/quantity of Ed can increase productivity by 3-6%

is productivity what we want..?

imagine a means to increase aliveness by 100%.. 7 bn alive people.. as the day..

10 min – if we increase productivity.. lessened dependency on health care.. welfare.. incarceration..  quality of school will increase value of home..

11 min – not 300 000 dollar home worth 330 000 dollars.. because of our schools.. that’s amazing..

? – all points based on money.. what if money is what’s suffocating us

i get it.. joseph reward law

13 min – the institution only second to parenting..

maté not yet scrambled law

16 min – 2002 – first yr principal at niwot and district.. sv financial crisis..

2009 – i became super.. we changed our message.. no longer what community can do for us.. but what we can do for community..

how about city as school.. how about..

17 min – we’re going to strengthen our schools so you can have a strong econ


have to start from beginning.. have to invest in early childhood ed

1 yr to be 5.. because.. not yet scrambled.. ness..

18 min – high quality pre school and full day kinder.. focused on stem et al

oh.. i thought you wanted parents involved..

19 min – health would back slide if took 3 months off..  kids who live in poverty can’t sustain 3 months w/o excellent learning experiences..

why don’t we go for 24/7..  2 convos .. as the day

20 min – we have programs for kids to prep for jobs..

jobs law

22 min – we have an investment in tech because we know our children need to be skilled in tech as they go forward..


hoffer – if we continue to ed children way we were educated .. they’ll be beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.. why would we do that

so .. let’s go different man..

23 min – we’ve been dragging feet.. can’t do that anymore.. the stakes are way to high..

24 min – we are very proud of the recognitions we received.. race to top.. only in co to win that

? – oy..

25 min – not about getting awards.. but because these awards draw people to our community and spur on the econ

money as os – killing us

jfk: our nation’s progress can be no swifter than our progress in Ed because our fundamental resource is the human mind

so.. as long as we know that.. why will we not invest in it

i’d ask you that Don.. imagine if investing in the human mind/soul/whatever.. is to divest (rid oneself of something that one no longer wants or requires).. to disengage from the toxicity we’ve been living/dying in for years..

let’s try eudaimoniative surplus.. over income.. no?


also from 2015

The St. Vrain Valley school board is expected on Wednesday to approve a 16 percent pay increase for superintendent Don Haddad, bringing his salary to $250,000.


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