get pivot (z dance)


inspired by Gary Flake‘s ted on getpivot



which inspired: fractal thinking and zoom dance.

from fractal thinking page:

  • When Gary Flake disclosed getpivot – he said it will allow us to navigate the web for the first time as if it’s really a web. Zoom out & zoom in iterations & sortings help us make more sense of more info – the whole of data being bigger than the sum of the parts. Tech can provide us visibility in a info maxed and nonlinear world. Gary suggests that this visibility is a new way to … seek wisdom.




pondering ish now..

twitter ish as zoom out.. get lots of ideas/diversity in snippets – if following such

blogs/tumblr ish as zoom in.. get closer look..

facebook ish as.. perhaps ish.. sorting…


first formally ish shared at rscon 2010 – slide 30:

get pivot slide 30 rscon


ted2016 – another version via Amit Sood

for how we could host life bits that io dance via self-talk as data.. via mech simple enough (an app/chip) to connect us to us.. while we follow our bliss.. all 7 billion plus of us. as the day.