gary flake

gary flake

huge inspire in 2010 via Gary’s get pivot presentation in 2010 ted:

Is Pivot a turning point for web exploration?

the whole of data is more than sum of parts.. how to make patterns pop

narrow, broader, backing in…backing out.. not searching, not browsing…

only possible to gain insight when you step back and look at all of them

navigating web for first time as if it’s really a web

we think of data as being curse.. drowning in data.. what if we turn that upside down.. instead of navigating from one thing to the next.. many things to many things… being able to see patterns that are otherwise hidden

instead of being trapped in data.. we extract infor.. instead of just info .. tease out knowledge.. then maybe even wisdom


which inspired: fractal thinking and zoom dance and app/chip ness.

from fractal thinking page:

  • When Gary Flake disclosed getpivot – he said it will allow us to navigate the web for the first time as if it’s really a web. Zoom out & zoom in iterations & sortings help us make more sense of more info – the whole of data being bigger than the sum of the parts. Tech can provide us visibility in a info maxed and nonlinear world. Gary suggests that this visibility is a new way to … seek wisdom.


imagine we do this … deb roy style… while focusing first.. on .. self-talk as data..

a nother way

app chip update

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Gary William Flake (born 1966 or 1967) is the CTO of Search at, which bought and shutteredClipboard, Inc., of which he was the founder and CEO.


Flake created a number of publications focused on machine-learning, data-mining, and self-organization. His other research interests have included Web measurements, efficient algorithms, models of adaptation inspired by nature, and time-series forecasting.

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get pivot (z dance)