david sirota

david sirota

see him 1st – really – in internet’s own boy. see his tweets focus on christie.. et al. is he in denver..talking real systemic change in 2006 – as govt funding of elections..

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from internet’s own boy:

1:05:30 – it would be easier to understand the obama admin’s posture of supposedly being for deterrence if this was an admin that for instance – prosecuted arguably the biggest economic crime that this country has seen in the last 100 years, the crimes that were committed that led to the financial crisis on wall street..when you start deploying the non-controversial idea of deterrence only selectively you stop making a dispassionate analysis of lawbreaking and you start deciding to deploy law enforcement resources specifically on the basis of political ideology – David Sirota – and that’s not just undemocratic.. it’s supposed to be unamerican

1:12 – David Sirota – the ones where all the money/corps are on one side and all the people are on the other

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have his books on recommend


2006 on colbert report about his book, hostile takeover:


until there’s real systemic change (govt funding for elections..)

?  systemic


2008 on colbert report about his book, the uprising:


the establishment isn’t working for regular people

the uprising is not about any  candidate

the change happens all over the place


2013 – Education “Reform”

amazon and microsoft financing ed reform/charters – ed/tech business

reformers convinced schools to spend billions on tech

ed is 9% of gdp – 1.3 trillion dollars


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David J. Sirota (born November 2, 1975) is an American political commentator and radio host based in Denver. He is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, Democratic political spokesperson, and blogger.


interesting story on Emily running for dps board in 2011


a nother way



newsletter share nov 2016

 This is a slightly older article, but I just read it and it blew my friggin’ face off — and so you gotta read it. It’s about how psychological depression has set in among many climate scientists about the prospects for human survival — and also about the backlash they face every time they try to sound the alarm about how carbon emissions may be dooming future generations to either a dystopian existence, or extinction. I have young kids — since reading this article, every time I look at them I feel horrible about what this climate change denying society of ours is doing to them. I’m also *thinking hard about what I can do in my own life to contribute to a solution.

letter signed.. rock the boat..

so doing that.

david.. *thinking hard about what I can do in my own life to contribute to a solution.

i’m just up the road.. talk to me


via David share mar 2017:

As for the TYT gig, you probably know that TYT’s video channel has more than 3.2 million subscribers. I’ll be joining the team as a news analyst and regulatory contributor. I will also be continuing my investigative journalism for Newsweek/IBT, and I’ll be bringing some of that reporting to TYT’s video platform.

You can read more about TYT’s growth and my new job in Ad Week, The Hill, Politico andVariety. I was hired after they crowdfunded $1.5 million to build out their reporting team. I’ll be coming to the network along with former MSNBC producer Jonathan Larsen, former MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan, Huffington Post D.C. bureau chief Ryan Grim and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King.

As I said — this is one of two changes I’ll be making this Spring to expand my work. In the coming weeks, I’ll be asking for your help on another exciting journalism project that I’ll be heading up.


P.S. If you’re interested, here’s an interview I did with TYT founder Cenk Uygur about journalism, politics and my childhood growing up as Philly’s most rabid Sixers/Charles Barkley fan.


9 min – sports fans ness ends.. starts in on political history ness ie: worked for bernie sanders as press secretary – but just because sent resume into a bin… learned so much.. 90s.. was 24.. insider view from guy who gets corruption of outside..

14 min – on bernie having universal name id.. i’ve not worked w anyone else like that.. yet.. goes to mtg of 16 people in snowstorm..

15 min – he’s so driven.. and i can still almost complete senstences.. he’s saying same thing.. he knows what he’s about.. and hasn’t really deviated from that..

16 min – his time and time for his politics has arrived..

17 min – your sense of populism: after capital hill work..

18 min – on his books:

hostile takeover (2007): on not having to buy a vote w cash in an envelope.. all about the terms of the debate.. how we talk about things are rigged against what the vast majority of americans.. that polls tell us want.. it rigs a debate in a way that creates outcomes that serve the wealthy and the powerful

the uprising (2009): about populism on both sides

back to our future (2011): how 80s pop culture has infused our politics

19 min – wrote for syndicated column then co hosted radio show in denver… then moved into fulltime investigative journalism from there

22 min – on..

..people party getting bigger/stronger.. but don’t fool yourself into thinking that the money party is weakened.. it’s weaker.. but it is certainly the dominate force..

..in our politics.. and that’s been the thrust of my reporting.. to spotlight and show how money almost always dictates the terms of the debate and what’s really going on

making up money.. money as os

a nother way.. human\e ness

why independent media.. legacy media writes money almost completely out of the story..

..it’s all about the personal intrigue.. gossip.. gamesmanship.. and ..

..stripped out of the story is: what moneyed interests are paying which political actors to shape which specific provisions that serve those moneyed interests..

.. that is not often part of the story.. i will say this as one asterik.. the one part of the media where you do see some of that consistently.. is in the business press.. they don’t cover from an ideological perspective.. and there’s not much of a political analysis..  but you see more of it in places like business week and wsj because those publications are written for people who care for nothing other than making money… because trying to bet on it in a certain way to make money..

..so a bit in business news.. not any in political legacy media.. so independent media is only place where you can do that and cover it in a serious way

24 min – in many cases.. they are proxies for their donors..

26 min – value in being right even if you’re alone:

very little recognition for being right too early

..my hope is that we’re moving toward a situation in which there’s at least an independent media infrastructure.. that we can get to the reality.. and expose the reality..

..in a lot *more serious/consistent/profound way

..than we’ve been able to in the past.. when there weren’t these avenues . . to actually have an independent audience.. and independent media

*let’s go deeper/independent er (aka: ginorm small interdependence) ie: hlb



Statement of the obvious: when you have children, major career/job decisions can become especially terrifying.

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David Sirota (@davidsirota) tweeted at 7:53 AM on Tue, Feb 06, 2018:
I am resigning from IBT/Newsweek. I am proud of my nearly 4 years there, producing serious award-winning investigative journalism under extremely difficult circumstances. I will now be looking for a new opportunity to continue this work. l hope I’ll find it. Thanks to all.

there’s a nother way .. for all of us..

continue your work  there..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


Two months into the quarantine, shit is getting to me. People are dying. Kids’ childhood is being taken away. The political class takes care of itself while laying waste to hundreds of millions of people, and the response has been 🌊 emojis & task forces. This is some dark shit.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/davidsirota/status/1260956577760022528


that’s been going on (mostly undetected) for ages via the supposed to’s.. of school/work et al

great opp to change all that.. not just for now.. ie: to (virus) leap

that’s been going on (mostly undetected) for ages via the supposed to’s of ie: school/work et al

great opp to change all that.. not just for now..

there’s a nother way


bill mckibben on david sirota et al’s.. don’t look up

“The biggest news story of all time doesn’t quite fit our working definition of news, and hence is going remarkably undercovered. The comet, even now, is crashing into us, but we’re not quite able to see it.” https://t.co/JT8kwV03ml
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/davidsirota/status/1478753745240350722

For my money, the single most spot-on character is played by Tyler Perry, as the co-host of a morning news show. Told that Leonardo DiCaprio is an astronomer, he quickly rummages through his mental file of tropes and genially demands, before we can get to the story of the comet, that his guest offer an opinion on the existence of aliens. “Can you tell us, yes or no, final answer.” (His perplexed guest, not yet adept at the media survival skill of turning inane questions into the answer you want to give, does indeed offer his view, spurring yet more tangents).

aka: distraction

The entire movie, of course, is an exposition of why we have not paid sustained attention to the climate crisis, the actual comet that bears down upon us in real time. (As someone who started using this metaphor in 2001 and 2003, I am very glad it’s finally reached a mass audience). One reason for that insufficient attention is clear: the fossil fuel industry ran an enormous disinformation campaign over decades, using its resources to muddy the waters and playing into journalism’s cult of objectivity to make it a he-said/she-said story for as long as possible. Also, Exxon buys a lot of ads.

aka: distraction

But there’s also something a little subtler. Journalism is constructed around finding something new. (I think that’s why they’re called newspapers). Which is a problem when it comes to the climate crisis.

aka: distractions

Journalism’s weakness on this score is one reason we need to keep building movements—they are able to interject drama and storylines into the mix, and hence give reporters another way to cover the ongoing drama.

but too.. are just distractions to our deeper problem

But we still need to come to grips with the *essential problem: the biggest news story of all time doesn’t quite fit our working definition of news, and hence is going remarkably undercovered. The comet, even now, is crashing into us, but we’re not quite able to see it.

*not the essential problem.. essential problem is that we keep distracting ourselves (even in seemingly good ways) rather than organizing around legit needs

if we don’t grok enough ness 1st.. we’re just as murray bookchin writes in ecology of freedom:


an environmentalistic technocracy is hierarchy draped in green garments.. hence it is all the more insidious because it is camouflaged in the color of ecology..