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intro’d to Cenk when he interview John here:


Watch the full John Cusack interview here: youtu.be/c47vpCMjj48 youtu.be/zB-iQig1sq4?a

how much evil do you have to do in order to do good – roy

people go to great links to rationalize/legitimize… an incredible trick/feat

7 min – pretty clear obama has cemented/left in place most grevious policies of bush admin.. presidents have become ceo of this enormous operation/empire.. flow of foundations/moneys.. so you hope.. whoever enters the whitehouse will pull back on the foreign criminality and focus on rebuilding country here…

8 min – on murder being murder – exercising violence for a political aim – terrorism..

9 min – *the system’s not going to go away.. so we hope who goes in there will restrain.. for private gain and not wrap selves in flag and excuse it..

*why not – why say that..?

12 min – let’s go deeper.. why is it so important that the person they killed w/o due process an american citizen..

18 min – cenk: for me it was literal.. they told me things i couldn’t say

19 min – if you have principles you don’t have to always remember so much what you said or what your position was because it’s always going to be at least consistent.. in line.. w some pretty obvious truths..

22 min – cenk: what we’re trying to do with the young turks.. create a nother way

23 min – if you want hillary to be more progressive.. make more noise.. she has all that money.. momentum..  that makes it easier for her to be more progressive..

24 min – arundhati’s – capitalism a ghost story – mlk – made forbidden connections.. as a result.. assassinated.. mlk center set up by corps..  foundations literally re writing history.. so if we’re not as outspoken as progressives…

26 min – roy: history is really a study of the future not the past…

roy: the foundations – controlled resistance… state violence .. not allowed to point out.. but if anyone resists it.. how dare they..

28 min – roy: if you’re in central india.. 4 miles in jungle.. non violence is a political tactic.. so if no audience.. can’t preach non violence to people who are being killed..

29 min – victims of state sponsored violence… told they should be ghandian.. roy: what form of non-violence would be helpfully useful if being killed

31 min – cenk: shailine protesting as non violence.. john: worked because she had a camera there.. cenk: that’s what young turks is hoping to do..if i want them to be ghandi.. then it’s my job to get a camera there


34 min – cenk: what can people do  john: turn off the tv and read books.. challenge old ways of thinking..

36 min – i wondered what roy would say to ellsberg and snowden..

38 min – john talks about the convo

39 min – cenk: on the flag – getting you in the habit of bowing down to things

dan: knew that person that put – i pledge allegiance to the flag.. into the classrooms.. was a flag maker.. when you think about it.. pledging allegiance to a flag is strange.. why pledge allegiance to a symbol… i’m not against the flag.. but any blind worshipping..

41 min – cenk: most ironic thing in the world.. the flag stands for freedom.. yet curtailing capernick

45 min – history is not going to fair for this american exceptionalism..

46 min – cenk: when we claim the right to do immoral things because we’re more moral than other countries..

47 min – cenk: we can unpoison the world.. like this here. . interviewing you.. i don’t need a billion dollar company to do that

48 min – on the value of twitter curation..


next day..

Cenk Uygur & The Young Turks: The Revolution of News and Independent Media

1\youtube happened 2\the audience happened. they were part of show. finding out they were not a voice in the wilderness.

so we – @TheYoungTurks – want to be a digital campfire for the whole world..discussing whatever is news to you

in sv always say want disrupters but when see real disrupters.. a little uncomfortable

we duct taped this thing all the way to here..

what people are missing & what we can see from outsider position..people are really mad at the system. they played by rules & now..

directing in the right way.. is to fix the system.. i think we could do this a better way..the way we used to..

did we ever..?

get to the real change the system needs

90% of country agrees with us that money is corrupting politics..

fulfillment is a hell of a drug.. 

not so much they didn’t see me coming.. they didn’t see the audience coming..

q: are you worried about other david’s popping up.. competition…  and he answers.. a kid in nebraska

why .. if a campfire.. why competition..

our point was to change the media.. and if we change the media.. the audience wins..

whew .. nice save..

no binary ness

a nother way to campfire us.. ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data


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Host of the largest online news show in the world. Founder & CEO of

the young turks site:


wikipedia small

Cenk Kadir Uygur (/ˈɛŋk ˈjɡər/, Turkish pronunciation: [ˈdʒɛɲc ˈujɡur]; born March 21, 1970) is an American columnist, businessman, political commentator, and activist. Uygur is the main host and co-founder of the American liberal/left-wing/progressive political and social internet commentary program The Young Turks (TYT), and the co-founder of the associated TYT Network. He worked as an attorney in Washington, D.C. and New York City before beginning his career as a political commentator. As a young man, Uygur espoused socially conservative views, criticizing feminism, abortion, and affirmative action. He is now a progressive.

In addition to hosting TYT, Uygur appeared on MSNBC as a political commentator in 2010, later hosting a weeknight commentary show on the channel for nearly six months until being replaced by Al Sharpton. Shortly after leaving MSNBC, Uygur secured a show on Current TV that aired from December 5, 2011 to August 15, 2013. Uygur was from 2012 to 2013 the chief news officer of Current TV, succeeding Keith Olbermann following his departure from the cable television network until Current was acquired by Al Jazeera Media Network.



On October 21, 2010 MSNBC announced that Uygur had been officially hired as a contributor and substitute anchor for the network. On January 21, 2011, it was announced that Uygur would be hosting the 6 p.m. Eastern slot on MSNBC as the anchor of a new prime time edition of MSNBC Live, after the network parted ways with Keith Olbermann, resulting in a rearrangement of the timeslots of MSNBC’s other prime time shows. Uygur filled the time slot vacated by Ed Schultz, from late January through June 2011, earning first among people 18–34 in the second quarter. His contract was ended when he did not accept a lower profile weekend slot. An MSNBC spokesperson expressed regret at Uygur’s leaving.

Uygur gave his side of the story on Democracy Now!, saying that MSNBC President Phil Griffin had called him into his office in April and told him that he had been talking to people in Washington and that they did not like Uygur’s tone. MSNBC denied the claim, saying that “We did have numerous conversations with Cenk about his style, not substance.”


Main article: Wolf-PAC

In late 2011, after seeing the momentum of Occupy Wall Street, Uygur decided to launch a long term project of his, a political action committee named Wolf-PAC. Wolf-PAC aims to lobby state legislators to pass resolutions calling for an Convention of the States under Article V of the US Constitution. Its slogan is “A super-PAC to end all super-PACs”. The aim of the convention would be to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution that would end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in the United States.

oct 24 2016 – la climate revolution

fossil fuels.. profits privatized but costs socialized… 2nd hand smoke for entire planet..

over 90% of country says money has a corrupting influence on all of us.. but what about the corruptors.. those who actually gave them the bribes..

i didn’t agree to this trade.. where my kids have to suffer through climate change.. and they get all the profit..

costing them profits.. costing us a planet..


via David Sirota share mar 2017:

As for the TYT gig, you probably know that TYT’s video channel has more than 3.2 million subscribers. I’ll be joining the team as a news analyst and regulatory contributor. I will also be continuing my investigative journalism for Newsweek/IBT, and I’ll be bringing some of that reporting to TYT’s video platform.

You can read more about TYT’s growth and my new job in Ad Week, The Hill, Politico andVariety. I was hired after they crowdfunded $1.5 million to build out their reporting team. I’ll be coming to the network along with former MSNBC producer Jonathan Larsen, former MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan, Huffington Post D.C. bureau chief Ryan Grim and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King.


P.S. If you’re interested, here’s an interview I did with TYT founder Cenk Uygur about journalism, politics and my childhood growing up as Philly’s most rabid Sixers/Charles Barkley fan.


9 min – sports fans ness ends.. starts in on political history ness ie: worked for bernie sanders as press secretary – but just because sent resume into a bin… learned so much.. 90s.. was 24.. insider view from guy who gets corruption of outside..

14 min – on bernie having universal name id.. i’ve not worked w anyone else like that.. yet.. goes to mtg of 16 people in snowstorm..

15 min – he’s so driven.. and i can still almost complete senstences.. he’s saying same thing.. he knows what he’s about.. and hasn’t really deviated from that..

16 min – his time and time for his politics has arrived..

17 min – your sense of populism: after capital hill work..

18 min – on his books:

hostile takeover (2007): on not having to buy a vote w cash in an envelope.. all about the terms of the debate.. how we talk about things are rigged against what the vast majority of americans.. that polls tell us want.. it rigs a debate in a way that creates outcomes that serve the wealthy and the powerful

the uprising (2009): about populism on both sides

back to our future (2011): how 80s pop culture has infused our politics

19 min – wrote for syndicated column then co hosted radio show in denver… then moved into fulltime investigative journalism from there

22 min – on..

..people party getting bigger/stronger.. but don’t fool yourself into thinking that the money party is weakened.. it’s weaker.. but it is certainly the dominate force..

..in our politics.. and that’s been the thrust of my reporting.. to spotlight and show how money almost always dictates the terms of the debate and what’s really going on

making up money.. money as os

a nother way.. human\e ness

why independent media.. legacy media writes money almost completely out of the story..

..it’s all about the personal intrigue.. gossip.. gamesmanship.. and ..

..stripped out of the story is: what moneyed interests are paying which political actors to shape which specific provisions that serve those moneyed interests..

.. that is not often part of the story.. i will say this as one asterik.. the one part of the media where you do see some of that consistently.. is in the business press.. they don’t cover from an ideological perspective.. and there’s not much of a political analysis..  but you see more of it in places like business week and wsj because those publications are written for people who care for nothing other than making money… because trying to bet on it in a certain way to make money..

..so a bit in business news.. not any in political legacy media.. so independent media is only place where you can do that and cover it in a serious way

24 min – in many cases.. they are proxies for their donors..

26 min – value in being right even if you’re alone:

very little recognition for being right too early

..my hope is that we’re moving toward a situation in which there’s at least an independent media infrastructure.. that we can get to the reality.. and expose the reality..

in a lot *more serious/consistent/profound way

than we’ve been able to in the past.. when there weren’t these avenues . . to actually have an independent audience.. and independent media

*let’s go deeper/independent er (aka: ginorm small interdependence) ie: hlb