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intro’d to Chris here w Douglas Rushkoff on team human:

TeamHuman (@teamhumanshow) tweeted at 6:19 AM – 15 Aug 2018 :
Ep. 98 is up! “The Most Connected Man on Earth” @chrisdancy joins @rushkoff for a candid, open conversation about how technology saved his life by amplifying senses he had long lost touch with and how he has “pushed through” surveillance technology. (

starts at 10 min

on anti depressants for 22 yrs.. constantly angry.. i was propped up by a system that kept me going..t

hari present in society law

thousands of entries a day.. on google calendar..

13 min – amber case – my cyborg mother

15 min – 2008-11 anything i used you touched it.. by 2010 i started wearing things on my body

16 min – goal.. to use app till you don’t need it anymore

19 min – i had to go thru a lot of cyborg to get to this side of human..t

detox.. from black science of people/whales

d: gordon bell  – he was like making a map that no one is going to read..t

hosting life bits

21 min – it was never about collecting data.. i created behavior fingerprints.. what does fat/angry/under-sexed look like.. what are the conditions.. but that was enough.. that just tells about what habit gets created.. then it was about the conditional responses.. what could i do.. i had to have the response to understand when i was entering a behavior.. so i could learn what that looks like.. just having the data fix you.. you have to have the loop.. yeah.. i gaslighted myself..

22 min – mad and excited are indistinguishable early .. to precondition myself to not be angry.. i take the poison early.. but outsourcing the empathy by watching someone loose their mind

imagine we go deeper.. maté trauma law ..

i do a lot of things today where i don’t need the feedback loop.. i still have the emotions.. i just exercise them in a diff way.. it’s a digi sudical.. (d: skinner behavior mod)

23 min – 2015 – watching someone having a panic attack on video on google.. cancelled mine out.. 3 sec in.. so i started to research.. do all feelings work this way..?

d: do they

so far for me.. must be something in this mimicking behaviors or mirror neurons.. i have a hard time staying in any state watching someone in that state

d: what about sex.. ie: porn.. puts you in it.. doesn’t cure it

the ones i’ve done are anxiety, depression and rage.. those are the youtube playlists.. i try to have a dose of anxiety and depression at least once a week and i try to have rage daily

24 min – when i watch people have difficult emotions.. i start to understand my own so much better

i’ve been connected to so many things and had so much feedback in my life.. that one of the sadder parts about what i did was i lost touch w my own self.. like.. what do i need.. what drives me.. i also became convinced i knew what other people needed.. and i don’t.. i don’t know what people need.. that’s a bias

wilde not us law

25 min – but having other people experience those emotions.. we live in an age where people don’t talk about their feelings.. ie: heart beating fast.. stomach in knots.. and if they do it’s very private.. so .. by talking about these things and explaining how i experienced them thru tech and then back thru myself.. it helps people talk about it

d: for me.. the names i’ve put on emotions are these weird judgments.. ie: i’m sad.. envious.. worried..  when i start thinking of them instead of actual feelings.. it’s like.. ie: my solar plexes feel heavy.. my fingers are kind of vibrating numb.. and it’s like.. that’s the feeling.. now what you want to say about it is a whole other thing.. and it’s a little like voting.. people vote and then come up w their reasons later

26 mi – but it’s such narrative driven.. ie: i’m sitting w you here right now..  my stomach is in knots.. my heart is beating fast.. my fingers are sweating.. that’s because i’m excited to be talking to you and it’s hot outside and a bunch of other things.. but if i were to take these exact same biological responses w/o the narrative of this moment and put me on a plane.. i’d be having a panic attack.. so it’s what i lend to it that creates it..

i just had to come to terms w: as above/outside so below/within.. come to terms w what is this human thing that i live inside of and what am i learning about it by telling myself stories that aren’t true

29 min – reading someone’s phone gives us a reason to say these things.. i feel so fortunate that i can have that relationship w strangers..

isn’t that what we all want.. don’t you want to look at someone and tell them what you think they believe so you can find out if you believe it.. isn’t advice just unrehearsed discussions you need to have with yourself..t

timing of this is so weird.. after a night about sad from z time.. ie: let go

dancy advice law

29 min – d: in these cases tech is a bit like pharma.. compensation for the fact that we live in this isolated/alienated/atomized world.. and you’re turning it on itself.. ok we have all these data/toys.. we can use them to kind of wake up again.. t.. reacquaint ourselves w bio/emotional selves

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

i think it’s too late to go back to whole amish thing… also i see a lot of people shaming other people for using tech.. but you don’t know why they’re using it.. most people don’t know how to have a relationship w/o phone

31 min – d: if you don’t know how to be happy w/o announcing it on instagram.. that might be a problem..

32 min – d: we’ve been optimizing humans for tech rather than the other way around

after a decade.. the idea of being human .. has been made such a duality.. don’t make us have to use tech (have to answer emails to get money for fam) then shame us for using it

36 min – what we used to call paying attention .. we now call surveillance.. so i have to practice this level of distraction just to be friends w people.. which i find uncomfortable.. i hate pretending not to love someone.. but giving someone all your attention or talking to a cashier makes them uncomfortable..t

d: timothy leary had that problem.. people weren’t used to that (face to face) level of – ie: eye contact

37 min – i get that.. people tell me you’re too intense.. you’re paying too much attention to me.. another think i have to do .. ask questions twice.. pretend i didn’t hear things even though i did.. the level of awareness that you can have and then bring to the world is just unwarranted and people don’t want it.. it’s really disturbing.. and how often i have to pretend to lose things.. not know what’s going on.. just to have my time in sync w everyone else..  because everyone else is so distracted.. we’re treating life like it’s multiple browsers.. multiple tabs open.. having to slow down that way.. so.. i don’t know if i hurt myself becoming as efficient as i did or i helped myself by becoming as present.. because

the thing i did last year was i added a death stack to my phone.. tells how things will add/subtract to my longevity.. so i get messages thru out the day.. just added/subtracted to life; you’re going to die soon.. so .. being constantly provoked about my own death.. has really helped me tremendously.. but it’s also made my attention/presence really hyper strong.. but i’m not one of the longevity

thank you (douglas) for saving so many people’s lives

40 min – the problem i find w quantified self is these are people w 1st world problems who want other world problems.. if you start from a place of entitlement and just try to get better.. you’re the problem.. start from a place of entitlement and get worse.. i’ve been poor.. you don’t care about your privacy when you’re rich and you don’t have any when you’re poor..  it’s a middle class condition.. it’s the currency in which we trade actual wealth.. which is time.. which goes back to all of your work and time..

43 min – d: w all the data.. the past is there w equal fidelity.. it’s almost like you can’t grow/change

yeah.. it’s present shock

i always say the real magic (dark side) in tech is found in two areas..  the recent and the soon.. it’s not about past and future.. but about what just happened to you and it will define what is just about to happen to you..  we spend all of our time uses devices that are non linear.. in a world that’s linear

? world is linear..?

50 min – right now tech makes it too easy to be alone

53 min – data collection in 6 layers: when (did something happen); where; activity/folition; behavioral; biology; environ.. use these layers to understand what you can glean from self

why not just focus on self-talk as data.. listen to that.. rather than depend on any notifications..

58 min – the problem isn’t privacy around identity.. the problem is we’re dependent on it.. if someone is going to steal my id..  that’s like.. you lose your wallet.. the problem is you’re dependent on your wallet.. t

i’m so hung up w the fact that we’re not addressing the actual problem..t.. we can’t get rid of all these systems (just mentioned privacy on twitter) .. until.. everything collapses..t

huge.. not id, security, rather a&a.. maté basic (deep enough) needs

so nothing bad’s happened yet.. we don’t have an ed snowden for that body.. it’d be interesting if we did.. if that happens to me.. employee wellness is probably the biggest scam there is out there

d: well it’s the biggest oxymoron since human resources

59 min – richard tapia: ‘we don’t know how to measure what we care about so we care about what we measure’ and productivity is something we can measure.. so let’s care about that..t

norton productivity law: it takes getting nothing done to make us human again

d: well that’s the whole thing.. digital is trapped in metrics of one kind or another.. it’s quantifiable.. and it can’t quantify anything that can’t be quantified..  and i keep worrying that the more we focus on quantifiable/transactional aspects of existence.. the more we actually believe that ie: the ideal blockchain can account for everything.. the more we fall into the trap that human experience could be accounted for.. because the real human is the stuff that falls between the cracks..t

marsh exchange law

i put myself in airplane mode.. not my devices


Memory as a Service: Learning to Hack Time (Biohacker Summit Helsinki 2017)


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right now i’m the world’s most connected person.. but you will be soon.. we’ll all be connected

ai as augmenting interconnectedness

traditionally the interface was a keyboard and mouse or screen.. but over last 5 yrs.. we have been noticing that biology and behaviour has become the interface

being connected isn’t just about the things you put on your body to stay fit.. it’s about all the things in your life that you connect to .. knowingly and unknowingly.. and your relationship w that info

in the future we’ll download habits and environments.. we’ll actually upgrade ourselves as we become apps

self-talk as data to eudaimonianize us (rather than upgrade) as we become us

online/offline a relic of the past.. we are all online all the time.. that doesn’t make us less human.. when i meet people now i say.. can i see your phone.. and i just read their homescreen as if i’m reading a palm.. i look at the apps on it.. see we’re not talking about tech when we look at each others’ phones.. we’re talking about who we’s only us that are subjugating ourselves and turning ourselves into meaningless data..

well.. for the most part.. we have to detox from being observed/believed to be ie: whales in sea world..

data .. over time and w enough agreement becomes info.. but info.. agreed upon by many.. becomes knowledge.. and knowledge agreed upon by all of us.. we call wisdom.. we’re heading toward a world wide wisdom

i don’t know.. too much consensus going on there.. but i do agree we can head to a world wide wisdom

thinking in regard to this from knowledge wisdom page

from what i’ve seen (and gapingvoid art):

before we can truly be connected.. much more than i am today.. the physical internet needs to disappear.. so do the devices.. the internet of tomorrow is completely invisible….we don’t even use the word internet.. i believe this will happen in our lifetime.. i believe we’re entering not an internet of things.. but an internet of humanity

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

human nature.. a nother way.. for all of us.. to listen-to/take-care-of/facil/believe-in .. all of us


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Chris Dancy  (@chrisdancy) tweeted at 6:25 AM – 14 Aug 2018 :
I’ve given up. Journalist, consumers, peers and friends can’t see their addiction to frictionless human interaction.
We have lost touch with the only true currency “time”.
In a world where you can undo, rewind, slow down & speed up we have dropped our relationship with time

Ever since I started critiquing digital technology I get tonnes of people saying “but it’s so convenient”, as if that’s an obvious killer argument. McDonald’s is convenient too, but that doesn’t make becoming reliant on it a good long-term decision

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Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan) tweeted at 4:49 AM – 19 Aug 2018 :
The human cyborg collecting his memories on video via @qz (

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