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first intro’d to astra taylor via her unschooling ness.. adding page while reading this:

march 2020 – perhaps it’s time to consider unschooling:

From that day forth, my siblings and I were tasked with teaching ourselves — we were “unschoolers,” a word we used to distinguish ourselves from those who dutifully replicated school at home. Our peers rode the bus, attended class, took tests, and got graded; we played games, read books, made art, or did nothing at all.

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My parents believed learning was its own reward, something we would pursue because it was in our nature to do so, not because of gold stars or demerits. In the words of John Holt, a former ­elementary-school teacher who coined the term unschooling, “[T]he human animal is a learning animal; we like to learn; we need to learn; we are good at it; we don’t need to be shown how or made to do it.”

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john holt – trust

That the drive to learn is something that needs to be unleashed, rather than instilled, is something you’ll hear over and over from unschoolers. In our house, the adults encouraged our interests, even those they found inscrutable, but did not instruct us or judge our progress. I spent months obsessed with making balloon animals..t

ie: cure ios city

curiosity over decision making

perhaps we can have tech w/o judgment ie: tech as it could be to help us (parenting et al.. that raised eyebrow is a killer) let go enough.. of any form of measuring/accounting.. any form of people telling other people what to do

 With no one to assist her, my sister became literate almost overnight.

so much comes down to trusting people to do/be whatever they want – if they legit want it

That doesn’t mean unschooling is always easy or that boredom isn’t a challenge, but unschoolers tend to see boredom as something to be passed through, a pit stop on the way to figuring out what fascinates you.

this is only because it’s not all of us.. unschooling, common\ing, as if already free ness, trust,.. none of these work unless it’s 100% of humanity.. and today we have the means to facil that chaos.. ie: imagine if we

A lot of time is wasted with busywork at school. A few hours of intensive learning at home should be more than enough to compensate for what’s accomplished during the average school day

why even think in terms of compensating for school ness?

my mother suspects they will all need some time to find a rhythm, figure out how they like to spend their time, and establish new guidelines and boundaries. 

detox as detox – embedded into the means to facil us.. in order to undo our hierarchical listening and shorten that gap between intoxicated and detoxed

Unschooling, fundamentally, is about trust — trusting yourselves and your kids

and as you’ve said.. about trusting curiosity

One way to understand democracy is as a system built on trust: trust in elected officials, in social institutions, and, most crucial, in one another. Perhaps if we begin extending trust to children now, when they’re the adults, they won’t repeat our mistakes.

oh .. wow..

to me.. thinking we need elected officials and institutions is a huge red flag we’re not legit trusting us.. we keep saying we’re trusting but then have things (dm, consensus, training, prep, any form of people telling other people what to do) that kill that trust.. (if not unconditional.. then it’s not trust it’s judge\ment).. so we end up perpetuating tragedy of the non common .. which reaffirms to us that we can’t let go that much

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imagine if we tried/trusted cure ios city