mark on what to give

BEST Items to Give Homeless People – 6 min video

mark harvoth on unauthorized home less ness.. home less ness.. et al

1\ housing.. advocate to fix affordable housing crisis.. get homeless people off streets

2\ ask people – diff all over.. so ask.. what do you need – ie: may be eye drops

3\ cases of water, tp, garbage bags

4\ underwear most requested.. socks one size fit all.. hanes best

5\ if wet/cold weather – tarps, rain ponchos, hats, gloves..

6 \ travel size items.. first aid kits – target

7\ dry shampoo

8\ not granola bars.. don’t give out something you don’t like.. don’t have kitchens, way to cook/fridge/open-can

9\ gift cards to coffee shops.. not for coffee.. to get inside.. use bathroom.. charge a phone.. card has to be for shop near where they are

10\ women can’t buy fem hygiene products w food stamps

11\ showers in a bag .. aka: baby wipes

12\ #1 thing – positive attention.. they are ignored.. just be present w them..

4 min – charity is a good thing.. helping homeless people will put you in a better mood.. no right/wrong..

[then last 2 min is a continuous of his commercial for curiosity stream]