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Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) tweeted at 6:10 AM – 1 Oct 2018 :
Working While Homeless: A Tough Job For Thousands Of Californians (

Pinning down exactly how many Californians are working while homeless is not easy. Many try to hide it. But recent estimates suggest that it’s not uncommon.

2017 survey of the homeless population in San Francisco found 13 percentof respondents reporting part or full-time employment. That’s in a city with an estimated 7,499 people experiencing homelessness.

Nereida hasn’t told her boss that she doesn’t have a stable place to live. She said she would be embarrassed. And she wonders if she would be treated differently.

“There’s been several times where I just slept in my car,” she said. “I parked close to the gym, because that’s where I get ready in the mornings.”

She admits her credit score is bad. Between car payments, gas and childcare costs, Nereida hasn’t been able to save for a security deposit, plus first and last month’s rent.

At $17 an hour, she earns more than minimum wage. But even if she did manage to find an apartment, the city’s median rent for a two-bedroom — estimated at $1,752 by listings website Apartment List — would claim more than half of her income.

“You have to really focus on work when you’re at work, and try to put on a face that everything’s OK,” Nereida said. “Once you’re done, you break down. Because you don’t have a place to go.”

“If we know that income is one of the best ways out of poverty, why wouldn’t it be a best policy practice to make sure that people who are homeless and working are not at risk of losing their jobs or having reduced hours?” she asked

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Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) tweeted at 6:00 AM – 25 May 2018 :

I do not know of even one situation where a homeless person gets the support they need quickly. Not one. It doesn’t happen. The norm is to connect to services multiple times over several years and not get help. That’s a very real problem! We need less process, not more!! (


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“I’ve gotten comments like, ‘Sorry, but if I looked at you, I wouldn’t assume that you’re homeless,’” Nereida said.

“Do I have to have ripped clothes? Dirty clothes? I have a job. So I can’t come to work unpresentable or unprofessional.



2/ officially chronically homeless. The sector has moved to focus on just chronically homeless people. I once supported that but I no longer think it’s the smart move for a few reasons. 1) We have to do something to help people first entering homelessness that do not fit…

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15 min – working class in sv – mtn view.. whole street of nothing but people living in cars.. the beauty/bubble that is here has also produced some of the ineq that makes people live in their cars at the edge of the bubble

can’t remember the context now.. but the lady that lived in million dollar mansion in the ghettos saying it was lovely living there.. because her here was just the bubble of her house.. her here didn’t include what went on in her neighborhood


Invisible People (@invisiblepeople) tweeted at 5:05 AM – 7 Nov 2019 :
Four Obstacles Facing Working Homeless People (


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