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met up with him when he and Patrick interviewed Suli on:

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For those who haven’t seen my interview with LondonReal (Brian Rose and Patrick Vickers– sos), it is an opportunity to have an in-depth look at my experiences, influences and thoughts etc – starts 5 min in:
10:45 in – talks about picking exceptions as model – well if i picked tommy down the street – it wouldn’t mean anything to people
14 – counter productive – the pressure of family et al
36 – always changing things up
40 – so why is michael not happy
54 – sos – it’s all about credible messages – sounds like Teny

Charles on londonreal dec 2013:

The Most Important Message For A 20 Year Old (any age)

fittingnessthe thing you can’t not do.. there’s never nothing going on

feb 2015

Why I Left Millions in Banking to Inspire Millions Online | TEDxClapham

if you’re friends and family think you’re doing something crazy.. then you’re doing something right..

go to where the fear is

95% of research is procrastination in disguise… aka: fear

Joe gave me the best advice i ever received… he ignored me

perfection is paralysis – Dan Peña

it’s the new person you’re going to become that’s going to make the real change

brick walls are to show us how badly we want it – Randy Pausch

interview with Carl Hart:

Debunking Drug Myths | London Real

i love being idealistic.. when i stop being idealistic.. i don’t want to be here.

11 min – on not condoning drug use.. but rather.. understanding human behavior

15 min – this isn’t really about drugs.. it’s about some drugs.. and some (assumed undesirable) people

18 min – in us/uk we get our heroin off the street – so adulterated/impure..

22 min – on media perpetuating myths about ie: crack, crack withdrawal

24 min – you’re saying something that everybody else’s anecdotal experience seems to be inconsistent with.. and there are scientists that will disagree with this position

25 min – evidence alone – that my experiments funded by govt

28 min – drugs hit the market.. they are believed.. because have no experience to refute it

29 min – you don’t even have to be powerful.. just a participate in the society.. to perpetuate the vilification

30 min – i love being idealist, when i stop being idealistic i don’t want to be here..

36 min – bruce alexander

39 min – prison as commodity

our general population seems to be ok with it.. that’s why it happens

people are apathetic because it doesn’t impact them

42 min – i have to look in the mirror every day and make sure i’m doing all i can to promote these ideals: freedom et al

44 mi – on the problem.. if vast majority of people who use drug aren’t addicted.. the substance can’t be the problem.. so.. look at environment et al

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cure violence keri
is it possible to cure people
wrong question.. possible for people to heal… but under what conditions.. but hardly a likelihood.. because approaching from wrong direction
nevermind don’t get help they need.. get more oppression.. self-perpetuating cycle of taking traumatized people and re traumatizing them.. they won’t give it up.. the more hurt they are the more they need to escape..
asking brian – he says relief was.. a and a..
addiction was an attempt to solve a problem.. that they don’t know what to do with
the med profession is traumaphobic
more interested in solving your problems and getting you to overcome the behavior.. rather than resolve what’s going on inside..
healing roots of

by doing you’ll never get satisfied when your hunger is about being..

which addict causes more problems in the world..

could no longer use black slaves.. so .. 13th amendment.. can use black criminals

deepest reason – denial of pain

aboriginal population suffer most from addition – under colonialism.. benign wings of british empire.. aboriginals displaced.. culture destroyed.. self-image transformed into negative.. and to deal with that..

we’d have to look at ourselves..

we don’t like the trauma story.. in the terrorist story we get to be victims..(then goes on to show.. we created terrorists..).. do we really understand the source.. what has been our role

brian: is it possible to reduce trauma

brian.. a nother way

gabor: how you do that.. start reducing stress/trauma at first pre natal visit.. by not medicalizing birth.. by supporting young parents to be with their children..

brian: so we have to up our humanity by 10x

let’s try 7 bn x.. we can

addiction showed up in late 18th cent.. because loss of communes

bruce alexander – globalization of addiction.. when people lose their place.. lose connection to culture/meaning/spiritual values.. more dislocation greater addiction..


hari rat park law

on trauma.. things that happen emotionally.. messing w immune system.. because not separable.. happening 24/7…

self repression as way of coping… because of unshakable union of mind and body

recovery: find yourself..

talking greek island


the more sensitive the child is.. the more affected

if we’re going to become whole (healing) let’s look at everything

there’s no war on drugs.. there’s a war on drug addicts.. not even on drug dealers..

human infant is an attachment machine.. can’t survive w/o it.. so take care of attachment relationship with children at any age.. infants can teach you about it if you really listen..

a and a..

acting out: portraying in behavior what you don’t have words for

usually it has to do with some trouble aspect with attachment

trauma fundamentally comes down to lack of attachment.. not lack of love.. but lack of attuning..

people who inspire me.. people who struggle and learn something from it and share with the world..

on ah almaas

a h almaas

i’m also looking for a deeper inner healing.. i’m not where i want to be

to 20 yr old self: not your fault the way you/world is.. don’t work so hard to be liked.. you’re ok..

best advise: to thine own self be true.. from aunt – i wish i’d understood what that meant

there’s a lot of people out there that see the truth but they don’t control the media.. so not much validation.. you have to deepen your truth.. never be afraid of your own truth.. and.. never be afraid to let go of it.. if you find a deeper truth.. whatever you do out in the world.. do an equal amount internally..


douglas rushkoff on london real – with Brian


all we have is attention


as if efficiency really is the goal.. if we really want efficiency.. just get rid of the humans all together..


i think the turning point is redefining econ system.. ie: twitter as successful

present shock.. constant now now now .. and you feel that you need to catch up

drone pilot more ptsd – because breaking up into pieces.. and parallel processing.. that’s a computer thing.. people can’t do that..

1\ living in a sense of perpetual emergency interruption.. so do tech in your own time

2\ go out side enough to at least look at the moon

i don’t think there’s any effort by western nations to stop this (terrorism).. the allegiances are too strange.. deals w govts et al.. i don’t think we’re genuinely focused on that problem

12 yr old – have skin in game.. and became harder for me to make money w/o selling out… so i do yoga as my practice..

there’s nothing to work towards.. it’s happening right now.. we live in such a carrot and stick society.. it’s right now.. your integrity is in the moment.. there’s infinity in the moment if you can embrace this as that instead of a step..

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