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intro’d to Ted via – most likely to succeed – film and book w Tony Wagner.. (not moved)

ie: from trailer .. we’re trying to get that kind of complexity and curiosity get inculcated (instill..an attitude, idea, or habit.. by persistent instruction) in our students..

rather.. we have the means today.. to not squelch that curiosity in the first place.. as well as detox the 7bn who have already lost it.. at the same time.. let’s do that..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


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Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo) tweeted at 6:37 AM – 26 Dec 2016 :

Where the ‘bad kids’ go to school https://t.co/kFgTQXqsbj (http://twitter.com/Larryferlazzo/status/813378267621138432?s=17)







somewhere in the desert.. there’s a school for last chances..


kid: go to school get your hs diploma.. no i’m done..

sounds like smart kid.. not bad kid.. listen deeper (saying this because of article larry tweeted.. ie: saying film didn’t just have happy ending.. like everyone getting diploma.. suck.. listen deep er..)

where the hardest lessons are drawn from life

if we believe that.. .. let’s just go.. rev of everyday life ness

where ‘bad kids’ have a chance to make good

what does make good mean..? nobody needs a chance to make good.. rather.. everyone needs to get a go everyday..

they are all the outcasts..

if flatrock didn’t exist.. 82 kids last year wouldn’t have gotten a diploma

oy. suck. oy..

ged ness

trailer ends… announcing.. congratulations to graduate number 20…

we are so messed up


2015 – Prepare Our Kids for Life, Not Standardized Tests | TEDxFargo












i had focused on how they were doing and how busy they were.. but i never focused on what they were doing.. so i made..two columns.. left: things they do in school that help.. on right: irrelevant.. (ie: factoring polynomials)…. column on left remained empty.. but what concerned me.. was having to add a third column: things we do that jeopardize kids’ lives..

kids being made to jump through hoops..

imagine self-talk as data

incredible opp.. every 5 yr old.. if we could just preserve this characteristic..

1 yr to be 5 ness

1893 – world will move from ag to manufacturing.. we changed ed in about 20  yrs.. america #1… we saved world in ww2


80s.. it was clear our model had run out of steam.. a nation at risk.. if ed system had been imposed by foreign country.. we would declare it an act of war..

now need manufacturing to innovation.. but what did.. was put pressure to measure up to test measures..

not that we don’tknow what we should be doing in schools.. it’s just that those are isolated pockets.. so.. how can i spread that mission…

siemens law

so i supported doc for .. most likely to succeed.. show our audience what schools are capable of…

imagine science of people in schools… what we are really capable of is way beyond succeeding.. ness

see school situations that are filled with life preparation..


what we want you do to is prepare our kids for life

ok.. if that’s true.. and if you truly are an ‘all-in agent for change’.. let me bend your ear..

there’s a nother way

ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the day [aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]


watching mlts thanks to hawaii pbs – can’t believe how much of this is from what i was involved with 10 yrs ago..  ie: krishnamurti free will law – esp the high tech high stuff.. dang.. and according to hawaii.. it’s being applauded so much now.. and can’t believe we aren’t being more drastic (because we have the means to) when ie: the film starts out with daughter in tears.. and we know she’s thinking.. this is bs.. yet we keep her going to school.. to shameful conferences.. guy in middle saying what kids need today in order to compete.. who decided life is about or even should include competition.. then at 45 min castleview kids say.. ‘hs if for acing the test so you can get into college.. and that’s where you get to apply it to life’.. well .. not really.. so let’s call bs on all of it.. do our kids.. do we.. not matter enough.. (again.. because we have the means.. would take no more effort that ie: what went into making this film/book.. sir ken’s talks.. whatever).. 47 min – clip from Eric Mazur that i got 10 yrs ago..  48 min – when we hire at kahn academy.. (really..? that’s what we’re going for in life)

huge.. google guy (Lazlo Bock @laszlobock – people ops at google) at 50 min – had just said.. kids are curious naturally.. we teach them how not to learn.. but to memorize what others expect.. then interviewer says.. so not what’s good for econ.. and google guy says.. or good for your soul.. that should be the whole flim right there.. we should figure that out.. how can we make life good for 7 bn souls.. everything else is blah blah

let’s try this guys.. quit spinning wheels.. get off the cycle

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

yet.. goes on .. comparing workers.. and jobs.. and fear of losing them.. we’re so sick/intoxicated.. graeber jobless law .. et al

52 min – parents asked to make a bet.. 1/ keep same 2/ reimagine school..

there’s a third option.. rev of everyday life.. if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity


ted dintersmith (@dintersmith) tweeted at 5:49 AM – 8 Mar 2018 :

As a long-time venture capitalist, here’s what the J.D. Vance’s and Steve Case’s are missing. The best place to start in developing an entrepreneurial community is K12. Encourage audacious, creative students and teachers. https://t.co/DL52ihgYLh (http://twitter.com/dintersmith/status/971729657279152128?s=17)

as a long-time human, here’s what many are missing. the best place to start in developing a community (a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.. feeling of fellowship) is cure ios city. facil maté basic needs.


Wonder what is happening often under the radar or invisibly in America’s innovative schools? @dintersmith visited them across 50 states and recorded his journey in What School Could Be – now he has a message for the US Sec of Ed – this https://t.co/QA14BOyVAR

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/pammoran/status/975546301612949505

He has a new book being published in April, “What School Could Be: Insights and Inspiration From Teachers Across America,” about what he learned during his travels and school visits.

perhaps rather than what school could be.. let’s work on .. what people could be.. aka: as it could be

because.. black science of people/whales law

During my travels, I met with every element of our education ecosystem — governors, legislators, billionaires, school boards, college admissions, textbook and testing executives, bureaucrats, students, parents and teachers.  I covered every geography, demographic and school type. I had no ax to grind, *no bias to uphold. I just wanted to **listen and learn.

except the *bias of assuming.. school.. no..?

**let’s go beyond listening to the whales at sea world.. listen deeper


Lyn Hilt (@lynhilt) tweeted at 5:21 AM – 6 Apr 2018 :

Now listening to @dintersmith with @willrich45 and @bruceadixon on the @ModernLearners podcast: https://t.co/kXC1aZ55Mt #edchat #cpchat (http://twitter.com/lynhilt/status/982216682864230402?s=17)

innovation change model: trusting teachers to lead the way

http://whatschoolcouldbe.org/ – 3 min video on work

can’t find it

sugata’s film coming out

school in cloud

i think there’s a better way to demo accomplishment in portfolios

what would you look for as indication that somebody has really learned something – teaching it.. applying it.. debating it.. great authentic forms.. just don’t conform to ranking/ordering kids against each other

the stuff that will matter to someone as an adult is not something you can rank/order

if we don’t feel so compelled to boil it down to a number

anybody who needs a manager is no longer employable

why is employability a thing

in my ideal world i’d say.. why don’t we reimagine curriculum.. curriculum is a bolder and pedagogy is a pebble..

curriculum is always a decade late and a trillion dollars short

when we tell kids they should be good at something.. we should have better answers..t

or.. perhaps.. quit telling kids they should .. anything..

too many kids are being pummeled when we tell them it’s college or bust.. k-12 org’d around college or buts

1mn people have watched film in china.. a lot of other countries say.. we get a lot of things from us..  i feel like we in us are complacent.. others want to do it

sounds like our geek out about finland.. people just looking for answers.. so end up following what seems shiny..  but/and .. ends up schooling the world


Janelle Holland (@jhollandglcs) tweeted at 4:46 AM – 8 Apr 2018 :

“If only we can find the courage to walk away from those eight miserable words “we have to be able to measure it.”” Thank you @dintersmith! Your book is amazing! Thanks for your courage, time and insight. (http://twitter.com/jhollandglcs/status/982932702520397824?s=17)

that would be good bye compulsory school, credentials as legit.. et al
ie: 7hr day .. 180 day yr.. so many credits.. pkg deal.. all measuring.. money is measuring..
i agree w that statement..  but i don’t think we grok the debth of our measuring ness..

on hold at library – thanks library

what school could be



ted dintersmith (@dintersmith) tweeted at 5:54 AM – 9 Apr 2018 :

This makes me want to vomit. Saying these tests are ‘entering the digital age’ by plopping them onto a tablet is like saying covered wagons are fast because we load them onto a jet airplane. #whatschoolcouldbe https://t.co/iBUKM8CnzU (http://twitter.com/dintersmith/status/983312313192239104?s=17)

feel same about keeping school in .. as it could be

ie from tweet same morning

1/ If the primary purpose of school was education, the Internet should obsolete it. But school is mainly about credentialing.

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ted dintersmith (@dintersmith) tweeted at 5:44 AM – 4 Aug 2018 :
Note that students who transfer lose lots of credits from prior institution (37% for public -> public xfers). Imagine if a college degree were based on demonstrated competencies, not seat time! #WhatSchoolCouldBe. https://t.co/ptNl6BLQLK (http://twitter.com/dintersmith/status/1025708937100832768?s=17)

imagine if we let go of degrees

as it could be


find/follow Ted:

link twitter

Founding exec producer of the documentary Most Likely To Succeed, author of the book of the same title, and *all-in change agent to re-imagine school.

*god i hope so


I’m a father of two young adults, and concerned about the world’s future. I’m retired from my venture firm Charles River Ventures, a top-tier early-stage venture firm, and now focus my time, energy, and money on high-potential education-related initiatives.  I spent the fall of 2012 in New York City, selected by the President to serve as part of the delegation representing the United States at the United Nations General Assembly, where I focused on education and entrepreneurship.  Now, I’m traveling way more than I ever did when I was active in venture capital.


via Steven and Ted

This is the argument that I make in the conclusion to Farsighted: that decision-making should be a required course in every high school. Multidisciplinary by nature (cog science, behavioral econ, philosophy, lit) and useful to every single student, no matter what they do in life. https://t.co/huYHojEvij

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/stevenbjohnson/status/1036609625385127936

The science of decision-making is taught in some graduate schools, but never in grades K12.Why? Read this article and ask whether young kids can learn this. They can!And then ask, how important is it to make good decisions??#WhatSchoolCouldBe https://t.co/qJL79PN7E2

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/dintersmith/status/1036214686834933761

“One thing a person cannot do, no matter how rigorous his analysis or heroic his imagination,” the economist and Nobel laureate Thomas Schelling once observed, “is to draw up a list of things that would never occur to him.”

the supposed to ness of school (no matter how kind) is one of the major reasons we are stripped of our innate ability to decide things

not to mention the decisions it requires/coerces us to assume are the essential decisions

why change outside


richard williams.. video – what is school for.. and plug for innovation playlist: https://teddintersmith.com/innovation-playlist/


ted dintersmith (@dintersmith) tweeted at 6:16 AM – 3 Dec 2018 :
We need to pay attention to Finland, where recess and play are a big part of the school day. Study less, learn more. In contrast, we bury kids in worksheets and ask, “Why aren’t they learning?” https://t.co/3NHazzgdKp (http://twitter.com/dintersmith/status/1069581034042400768?s=17)

imagine if instead we paid attention to cure ios city