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Simpol started as an idea which occurred to British businessman, John Bunzl, towards the end of 1998. The idea came to him after a Sunday lunch with his family at which the topic of global warming came up. Simpol came to John almost as an epiphany as he recalls (mom asked him why he d:

Sometimes a question is positioned perfectly in the timing of our lives and when that happens the experience can transform our thinking forever. My Mother asked, “Well what would you do about it?” and suddenly I saw this world in a totally new way. I suppose I can describe it as an experience of oneness but words fail to share what happened to my perspective on life in that moment. What I can describe clearly, is that..

..I knew in the depths of my soul that all nations would have to act simultaneously and in full cooperation with each other to solve the issues that threaten us. I knew without a doubt that simultaneity was key. t

to (virus) leap..we now have a great opp to leap away from: money ..any form of measuring/accounting

simultaneous spontaneity.. that’s what we need

fromm spontaneous law..only the individual can achieve himself by his own spontaneous activity al

latin sponte means: of one’s free will..

why humanity needs a leap.. to get back/to simultaneous spontaneity .. simultaneous fittingness.. everyone in sync..

in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

Simpol is the short name for the Simultaneous Policy. – a range of policies to solve global problems at the same time, on the same date, so all nations win. With Simpol, you can contribute to those policies and drive governments to implement them.

amazon description of book (2018) written by john and Nick Duffell @nickduffell – The SIMPOL Solution: A New Way to Think about Solving the World’s Biggest Problems:

The SIMPOL Solution, spearheaded by the Simultaneous Policy (SIMPOL) Organization, gives voters around the world a new way to pressure their leaders

energy suck.. no? .. let go

to address global problems ranging from climate change to mass immigration and gross income disparities.Blending politics and psychology, The SIMPOL Solution shows how through simultaneous action–through cooperation–we can overcome the problems we face today and our children will face tomorrow.

there’s a better/simpler way to get in sync.. ie: cure ios city

The authors argue that the chief barrier to tackling pressing international issues is a vicious circle of destructive global competition, in which nations, corporations, and citizens are helplessly caught. Our current economic system–which rewards corporations and nations that offer the greatest profits no matter what the social costs–has the effect of hollowing out national politics and encouraging either voter apathy or populism championed by the Far Right.*The good news is that it doesn’t take masses of people to break this vicious circle and initiate lasting change. In fact, key transitions in human history were initiated by small numbers of activists. Already endorsed by leading policy-makers, visionaries, and public figures, this exciting book offers everyone a way to become a part of this important worldwide movement for change.

*perhaps even just 1000 ish modeling that alt os ie: short bp


intro’d via michel fb share – 4 min read – We Need a New Operating System: The Gauntlet has been laid down – by John Bunzl: []

barring a complete system collapse, we can only go back to the existing OS because there is nowhere else for the world to go. Without any alternative OS being available which might permit fundamental change, the existing OS of course eventually re-boots itself in the same familiar pattern..t

alt os: cure ios city via 2 convers as infra

 there may be minor changes and improvements that could be possible lower down the system at local, national or regional levels. But without a change of the OS at the global level, lower-level changes will always be hampered, undermined and ultimately prove futile..

to think we could make our global economy just and sustainable without cooperative governance on the same global scale is just wishful thinking.

has to be all of us

Fortunately, the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign www.simpol.orgoffers a practical answer to the question of how to effect this transformation.

And it’s already some way towards achieving it. Already today, increasing numbers of national politicians from both right and left and across a number of countries support it. Prominent economists, scientists and thought leaders already support it too, including Ken Wilber, Noam Chomsky, Ervin Laszlo, David Sloan Wilson and countless others. That’s because Simpol offers the most practical way of putting OS.2 in place and it answers more concerns or objections than any other global initiative out there.

1. You can ignore Simpol and the whole vital issue of moving to OS.2, in which case you remain part of the problem.

2. You can point out some other initiative and show, in detail, how it does a better job than Simpol. And make no mistake: I have no particular attachment to Simpol. If you or someone else can show me something better, I’ll be happy to drop Simpol tomorrow and follow your alternative.

all the people need to be free to do whatever they want.. in order for the leap to work (short findings restate 2019thinking restate/update 7.18)

what we need most: the energy of 8b alive people.. we need to quit creating/perpetuating the illnesses in the first place..

let’s use this opp to re\set in sync

ie: 2 convers as infra

because policy ness.. et al.. will keep getting in our way.. it will keep circling us back around.. just like you explain ‘ Destructive Global Competition’ does

3. If 1 and 2 are not options for you, then stop being part of the problem and start being part of the Simpol solution by reading the book and signing on to Simpol and spreading the word!

we won’t get a leap.. if we have to train (ie: read a book et al) for it


Election Rebellion? Yes please, according to John Bunzl and Nick Duffell

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SIMPOL’s unique advantage is that, without needing either to be a political party or to support one, it gets inside national electoral processes, thereby cutting across the whole party structure..t

we need to go deeper than ‘inside national electoral processes’ .. ie: maté basic needs; curiosity over decision making (voting et al)

1\ for humanity’s sake.. 2\ for simultaneity’s sake