salim ismail

salim ismail

taking him in here – Exponential Organizations – at USI:

19 min – fundamentally not ready for pace of change.. all mech’s .. civics/politics/legl systems/ed/healthcare/intell property……designed for world a few hundred years ago.. actually need to rearchitect every single structure that we have in society today..

or.. disengage from them..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists. via self talk as data

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

20 min – amigdala of society is freaking out..
22 min – problem – all our intuition/training about world is linear
24 min – when you have exponential growth the experts in that field will predict linearly… how much more wrong can you be.. this is not a math error.. a cognitive issue

26 min – seeing those with beginners’ minds attacking legacy industries..

indeed.. so imagine if we set all people free.. trusted.. all people.. and disengaged from thinking such as.. – legacy industries… industries..

27 min – all ie’s given.. elon et al…

our potential is indeed… amazing…

if we really grasped exponentiality… along with really caring about humanity.. we would be to equity by now..

28 min – decentralized authentication – don’t need bank

how silly is that talk.. when we could be eradicating poverty et al.. we have to disengage from money..

29 min – 5 bill online by end of decade..

unless we wake up.. and quit playing steroided linear games..

30 min – another ie: on experts being wrong..

so what if our thinking on ie: re architecting structures is what we should do.. rather than abandon them…

31 min – need to change heuristic with which we run our orgs

perhaps need mech that makes running orgs irrelevant..

35 min – on making 55 mill fridges..

what if making fridges isn’t what we should/could be focusing on .. ie: more local eating.. Leyla Acaroglu on waste a fridge is


june 2016 – what happens if society is too slow to absorb tech change (at the exponential finance conference)

(from video)

we’ve not taught an ai how to do intuitive thinking.. at one point we thought only women could do that


intuition is basically an algorithm we don’t understand

? no… not an algo..

i give cancer 5-7 yrs

life is info based – genomics.. then apply ai.. you essentially have where we can go.. ai phenom gives you ability to manage all that.. augmenting human experience with ai.. humans uniquely geared for reproduction and survival… ai to compliment our capabilities

we tend to overemphasis the concern… ie: high speed train will kill people.. we almost ever find that will happen.. we need to be careful about extracting the promise and not the peril

we have figured out social norms.. we’ll do the same with ai.. we’re just lagging a big behind

it’s easy to be a pessimist..  ie: we have about 30 of the gutenberg moments happening at same time.. we can’t absorb that quickly enough


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Salim Ismail (born May 17, 1965 in Hyderabad, India) is a Canadian angel investor, speaker, advisor, entrepreneur and strategist. He is author of the Amazon bestseller Exponential Organizations, founding executive director of Singularity University and co-founder of Confabb, PubSub Concepts and Angstro, acquired by Google in 2010. Ismail had a background as an entrepreneur and was the head of Brickhouse, Yahoo’s internal incubator for new products. He currently serves as Founding Executive Director & Global Ambassador for Singularity University.