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Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore

feb 2013

Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment. But things aren’t as simple as opting for the paper bag, says sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu. A bold call for us to let go of tightly-held green myths and think bigger in order to create systems and products that ease strain on the planet.

Leyla Acaroglu uses innovative design and systems thinking to create positive change.

40% food waste

design the product to solve the problem…

consumption is the biggest problem

using sustainability as a parameter… systems based solutions

functionality defines environmental impact

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Reading the stuff my #unschoolfellows write about the experience I designed really gets to me #makingchange everydaysustainability.info/ill-happily-co… #winning


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“designer is 1 of those unique individuals who uses systems-based thinking 2 disrupt mainstream ways of thinkinghttps://t.co/glkeyI7EYR? https://t.co/EdnD97Afz4 (http://twitter.com/LeylaAcaroglu/status/828931157626458112?s=17)



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A 50-year occupation: Israel’s six-day war started with a lie https://t.co/0s7lSxia1S by @mehdirhasan (http://twitter.com/DanielWickham93/status/875295474340823040?s=17)


circular graphic (ellen macarthur et al)

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Grab the FREE Guide and Studio Poster over on @unschools online learning platform https://t.co/Yqld06aUWY #MAKECHANGE #disruptivebydesign https://t.co/AERCcS7zHa(http://twitter.com/LeylaAcaroglu/status/879651328913539073?s=17)

everything is interconnected

thurman interconnectedness law


Leyla Acaroglu (@LeylaAcaroglu) tweeted at 5:24 AM on Wed, Sep 13, 2017:
I just published “Tools for Systems Thinkers: Getting into Systems Dynamics… and Bathtubs” https://t.co/fv3CFqYim7

In many cases when you take one part of the system away it ceases to function, such as taking the wheels off a car or removing a vital organ from a body. It’s the interconnectedness that makes a system work, and one of the best examples of interactive systems design is nature — it is composed of many individual parts working together to create the dynamic whole that is the planet.

none of us if one of us

the main points to start off with are that systems are constantly changing. They can be defined by boundaries, but are dynamically interconnected and they can be explored through stocks and flows.

A stock is anything that exists within the system (like people, trees, money, cats, pineapples, students, guns, happiness, etc.), and flows are the feedbacks between these stocks (like how money moves through the economy or how water flows through a waterway) and flows are the change in stocks over time.

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Leyla Acaroglu (@LeylaAcaroglu) tweeted at 5:28 AM on Wed, Sep 13, 2017:
Chapter 2 of my #systemsthinking series is all about tricks for getting into systems dynamics (and bathtubs…) https://t.co/657K8eOE5v


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Last year I did a crazy, courageous thing: I bought an abandoned farm in central Portugal to regenerate into a Brain Spa. And now, in just 3 days, I’ll be sharing some huge news about the future for activating change & officially opening this project up to the world. Stay tuned! https://t.co/hwUp1BmwZ2(http://twitter.com/LeylaAcaroglu/status/972821363118534657?s=17)

Leyla Acaroglu (@LeylaAcaroglu) tweeted at 7:12 AM – 11 Mar 2018 :

PS: Here is a sneak peek to what I have been doing at the CO Project getting it ready to host @unschools programs and creative residences, here is a quick before and after photo of the converted grain storage room into our classroom! #sustainabledesign #brainspa https://t.co/Eg1yt5Jdhb (http://twitter.com/LeylaAcaroglu/status/972822589864382464?s=17


Leyla Acaroglu (@LeylaAcaroglu) tweeted at 4:32 AM – 13 Jun 2018 :
Last week I was interviewd in Barcelona about economic shifts for a #circulareconomy and spoke of my thoughts of GDP + SD more info from my essay here: “Systems Failures: Gross Domestic Product and the Hyper-Consumption Loop” https://t.co/xkJIpV2jALhttps://t.co/JbjffOUH5D (http://twitter.com/LeylaAcaroglu/status/1006846856494833664?s=17)

What actually supports our decision making is often at a loss for us even to describe.

i’d say the bigger system failure is that our decisions are not really decisions that matter.. ie: spinach or rock ness.. what we need is to get back to an undisturbed ecosystem.. where we are listening to our gut daily.. rather than looking for extrinsic offerings.. to then decide on..

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely has contributed a wealth of studies and propositions that demonstrate the predictably irrational behaviors of humans when it comes to economic decision making

this whole idea is insane.. like studying whales at sea world.. ie: economic ness is not natural.. aka: a disturbance to ecosystem.. so .. we’re doing all this research on: not us in not rat park

Incentives are central to economics. we all respond to rewards and punishments, are motivated by extrinsic and intrinsic mechanisms. In fact, it’s odd that anyone does anything without some sort of incentive to take action.

i see incentives as a disturbance to ecosystem.. ie: red flag you’re doing it wrong or the wrong thing.. if you think you need an incentive..

My proposition is for global economic measurements to be redesigned to include social and environmental services, along with the assessment of unintended consequences and negative externalities.

why not let go of money/measure..?