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intro’d to Nicky when Kevin shared Nicky’s loopy on fb


taking Nicky in here first: eyeo2016 – emergence – the dance is not the dancers

2 min – why do people do horrible things.. and who does these things.. what i found.. common theme in the research.. a lot of the systemic violence and utter bad stuff in the world we see is perpetrated by people that are mostly/disturbingly normal.. hannah’s banality of evil: possible for ordinary people to commit acts of extraordinary crapiness to other human beings


3 min – a lot of social psychologist i talked to.. researched.. say.. it’s not the individual.. you have to look beyond to he collective.. the social system..

questions i think are important for an ever more interconnected society: 1\ how does connecting ordinary people make a bad society  *2\ how can we reconnect individuals to make a better society   3\ where does a single person fit in all this

*perhaps this way.. really.. for (blank)’s sake

4 min – game i’m making with frontline.. how a terrorist is made.. about the social psychology of racialization

1\ learn more from someone you look up to  2\ people looking for adventure.. belonging..status

6 min – stay non violent .. unless you connect them into a small group…

just by being a part of a small group.. everyone grows more extreme..

begs we set people free and facil their curiosity/whimsy by shortening gap between intention and action.. everyday.. as the day

gershenfeld sel

8 min – normal groups leading to abnormal individuals (ie: football/soccer to jihadi)… the whole idea that being a part of a group can distort your whole morality is something that social psychologists have been studying for decades

maté trump law

9 min – emergence.. where the whole is completely different than the sum of its parts… so w the idea of emergence.. good people can perpetuate an evil system.. so when trying to understand a social issue.. don’t blame individuals.. go after the system..

thurman interconnectedness law:

interconnect thurman

micah scott @scanlime: w/o understanding the emergent nature of ‘evil’ it can be compelling to imagine a utopia filled with just the ‘good’ people you want

10 min – ie: of ice/water/steam.. even though molecules are exactly the same.. the group is different… i think that’s same for society..

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11 min – parable of the polygons – collab of me and vi hart.. about discrimination and diversity.. how harmless choices can make a harmful world..

discrimination as equity

13 min – that small preference of being with people like you can lead to harmful results

again – i don’t like showing a problem w/o showing a solution..

so agreed.. ie: a nother way

14 min – 3 ie’s.. 1\ ants – intelligence is nowhere and everywhere  2\ neurons – individually simple emerge to make me/my mine   3\ individual – emerge to create a collective conscious.. that dreams at night .. reflects in day.. hopes and fears

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16 min – one of the core concepts of emergence and systems thinking.. is that cause and effect is not linear.. it’s loopy.. something can be its own cause and effect… a feedback loop.. you see.. they’re great

begs for a mech to facil ssystemic emergence to restore/do-over our broken feedback loop

17 min – is it society that creates individual or individuals that create society.. not linear.. loopy

20 min – my cognitive distortions – everything he did i just excused as.. oh .. he’s just a product of his environment.. soceity to individual.. just a one way direction in this loop.. but for me.. i had the other direction.. individual to society.. that i am responsible for the world around me.. i’m the solution.. who else would it be.. if i don’t do everything it takes to help others no matter what.. i’m a horrible human being..

21 min – i finally learned about the loop: 1\ explanation for someone’s behavior is not an excuse for someone’s behavior  2\ i can help the world but i’m not omnipotent…

22 min – this feedback loop.. is what saved me..

24 min  -i’ve always wanted to find the solution.. (3 questions at beginning) and the solution i’ve come up with is.. there is not solution… singular/plural you.. have to figure it out for yourself.. with each other

that is the solution.. a mech to facil 7 bn people facil ing for themselves..


2017 game – the evolution of trust:


2018 game – wisdom and/or madness of crowds:


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