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Saving the Human Race | London Real 2012

talking about Myles’ universal solutions project

7 min – empathy – kony2012 – the cycle is aware about something then learn more.. with kony – made aware and when learned more realized it was very complicated and there was very little they could do.. in many cases charity is a form of apathy.. because people just pass the money..

8 min – people can have good intentions all the time.. it doesn’t mean they are effective.. 

12 min – everyone is a caring person..

13 min – huge – give tools to do good – (and time and space) and people will do good

15 min – learn nothing from a win – the beauty of finding out you’re wrong

18 min – learned about people – not to give up on them20 min – weakness of mine – i never want to be misunderstood

22 min – what is the right direction? complete transparency

28 min  – the universal solutions project – politics is not the solution

there’s nothing as powerful as an idea who’s idea has come

3 stages:

1. create online database of info 

like a wiki site.. top of page a question.. underneath paragraph with root cause.. then all the solutions based on research

the system doesn’t allow you to follow your moral compass

2. enable audience acquisition

database for charities and activist groups – so they can work together, rather than separate on same problems

3. create tools for spreading awareness

anyone could join – by asking – what matters to you – true inspiration

a story about people grokking what matters…

self-talk as data  – c dot app

government becomes irrelevant

people become self-governing/scientists

self-organizing et al – jack et al ness jacque fresco

45 min – on building the site

do you need to build the site – or set people free and let them build it.. Luis Von Ahn style.. daily data from 3 min ish self-talk – what matters to me.

46 min – not being part of a label..


universal solutions project:

april 11, 2011

april 7, 2011 – education & awareness

education – as inspiring the questions

giving people ability to choose


Z-Day 2012 Lecture: Realise And Empathise

7 min – like catching fire – we worked together…

11 min – self talk

13 min – about getting to know people better online

15:30 – education – blended learning – got applause for comments on ed

[the brain would rather read much faster, so the music slows brainwaves down]

if everyone was educated enough, everyone would love others around the world

24 min – whenever you look at a law govt put in place – it’s because of a problem they were unable to solve


life’s too short:

feb 2012

empathy keri

each of us has empathy in us..

i see it in their eyes


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