multiple intelligences

or perhaps rather..

manifold mltituinous

multiple intelligences is great/better/more humane.. [deep gratitude for Howard Gardner‘s unleashing of this.]

but (and especially if we’re facilitating/grounding this mulitplicity within a set/basic/compulsory curriculum/learning) most often, our acknowledgment/realization/allowance for multiple intelligences has led us to an obsession with defining/programming/buying/selling the intelligences, and therefore defining/confining/compromising humans.

imagining that there is no way to list all the multiple intelligences.. imagining there are at least as many as there are people (7 billion ish) multiplied by whatever it is the person is seeking to learn/understand/grok. perhaps when we start with the defining of intelligences rather than allowing them to multiplicate/remix themselves via an organic emergence… we miss the essence of their freedom.

perhaps…. play is a better framework.

perhaps its in play that the authentic/chaordic/forever-morphing multiple intelligences like best to live/breathe/reproduce.

what's the deal - play

rather than constructing some algorithm to find your route to learning a thing.. what if we trusted you.. and set you free in play..

imagine the adjacent possible, the jack et al ness, the free\dom.. exploding .. us to be more us.


fyi – backstory ness..

one of our first iterations of an app (current vision of app) was the year we were doing the self-directed math. we crafted a program/site that worked off expected learnings (cyclic grid ish). whatever topic you picked.. you then went through questions directing you to your preferred means (8+ of multiple intelligences), to learning that particular topic.. probably comparable to school of one.. ? which we thought was great. that it was messy – but that’s what tech could help us with.


until we realized that tech wanted more for us than personalizing a means to a compulsory curriculum. that tech could handle even messier… even a do whatever you want.. ness.

we started believing this.. 100% ness.. as a means to authentic ongoing awesomeness (sustainability) – from the grit emerging from 7 billion people getting a go every day… free to find/do the thing they can’t not do… and brave enough to change their mind..every day. as the day. in the city.