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Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan) tweeted at 6:10 AM – 6 Jan 2017 :

Tendrils of Mess in our Brains via @ribbonfarm (

And here is the answer: in order for mess to appear, there must be in the component parts of the mess an implication of extreme order, the kind of highly regular order generally associated with human intention. Flat uniform surfaces and printed text imply, promise, or encode a particular kind of order. In mess, this promise is not kept. The implied order is subverted. Often, as in my mess of text and logos above, the implied order is subverted by other, competing orders.


Mess is only perceptible because it produces in our minds an imaginary order that is missing.

It is as if objects and artifacts send out invisible tendrils into space, saying, “the matter around me should be ordered in some particular way.” The stronger the claim, and the more the claims of component pieces conflict, the more there is mess. It is these invisible, tangled tendrils of incompatible orders that we are “seeing” when we see mess. They are cryptosalient: at once invisible and obvious.


Human hair, then, is a locus for the display of order. Its “natural” state is mess, implying that hair comes with an order deficit, requiring organizational effort to come up to the level of acceptable human. Our minds and personalities are similar.


A great deal of our reality is made from imaginary orders we carry around in our heads


As human beings, “projecting and sharing stylized model worlds in mental space” is both our ancestral job and our favorite hobby. The world that we interact in is mostly imaginary, constructed by all of us out of fantasies and guesses.

As we get more intelligent, we will get more imaginary.



entropy – quotes from page

It is often said that entropy is an expression of the disorder, or randomness of a system, or of our lack of information about it.

4 min – it’s like the universe has a witness protection program for its energy and we call that entropy…

mess as protection

our junk DNA is just a few random mutations away from becoming something important.

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how can i hide and still be out there.. snowden private in public law ness

perhaps like.. idiosyncratic jargon as protection – and gershenfeld something else as protection..  ps in the open et al..



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mess i ness  is what appears when the it is me