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Balagan means “chaos.” Technically the term is derived from Russian, but it has been absorbed intact into Hebrew.

Balagan is the most important word you’ll learn here, Steve. If you can understand this, you will understand Israel. And you’ll know why the IAF and IDF are so good.

A Jew by nature, Danny says, understands a balagan. A Jew is happy in a balagan. “Think about it.

What skills do you need in a situation of chaos? Chutzpah. Imagination. The ability to improvise.”



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embracing uncertainty

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Jim Al-Khalili‘s the secret life of chaos


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“To speak our life as we feel it is a freedom we mostly choose not to take” Deborah L telling it like it is, as always (

Chaos is supposed to be what we most fear but I have come to believe it might be what we most want. 

If we don’t believe in the future we are planning, the house we are mortgaged to, the person who sleeps by our side, it is possible that a tempest (long lurking in the clouds) might bring us closer to how we want to be in the world

Life falls apart. We try to get a grip and hold it together. And then we realise we don’t want to hold it together.

To not feel at home in her family home is the beginning of the bigger story of society and its female discontents. If she is not too defeated by the societal story she has enacted with hope, pride, happiness, ambivalence and rage, she will change the story.

I was thinking clearly, lucidly; the new situation had freed something that had been trapped and stifled. I became physically strong at 50, just as my bones were supposed to be losing their strength. I had energy because I had no choice but to have energy.

Celia understood that I would be writing at all hours, and introduced me to her many friends as She Who Lurks in the Garden. No one was allowed to interrupt me on her watch; to knock on the door and solicit a conversation (the weather, the news, the arrival of cake) or even to convey an urgent message from the Mistress of the House. To be valued and respected in this way, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, was a new experience

rp ness

To separate from love is to live a risk-free life. What’s the point of that sort of life?

To live without love is a waste of time.


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Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.         –Terry Pratchett


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Exploring some of the early investigators of chaos theory – embarking on a quest to extract ordered structures from a sea of ​​chaos. Surprised it does not mention the Santa Fe Institute where much of this work is done today

Poincaré identified the unpredictability of the system and wrote: “It may happen that small differences in the initial conditions produce very great ones in the final phenomena. A small error in the former will produce an enormous error in the latter. Prediction becomes impossible.”

henri on predict\ability

Chaos theory became the perfect mathematical tool to extract ordered structures from a sea of ​​chaos. It is based on two main ideas: 1) even complex systems contain an underlying order, and 2) in these systems, small differences in initial conditions (e.g. small temperature variations) produce very divergent results, which means that, in general, the prediction of their long-term behaviour is impossible (mathematically, we say that the system has a strong dependence on the initial conditions).


This happens even though the behaviour of these phenomena is completely determined by their initial conditions, without involving any type of random elements. In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable, although, at the very least, thanks to chaos theory it is possible to analyse their unpredictability from a strategic point of view.