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“We need friction instead of consensus and culture instead of economics” | Social City

It is precisely this dissensus that can hold a society together, because it presumes a great deal of trust in the other..t



nationality: human


we should learn to deal with dissensus, instead of trying to ‘solve’ everything through consensus. We need to avoid consensus, because it is excluding. Those who don’t fit the consensus, are truly left out..t.. Dissensus, however, respects different perspectives and always holds the possibility that we see or realise something that we hadn’t noticed before.

public consensus always oppresses someone


This also means that our ways of attributing meaning can continuously change..t..

bravery to change mind .. everyday

That way we can escape our current conservative model, which confuses a state of culture with a state of nature, as is happening both in politics and mainstream media. Here, the free market is perceived as a natural given, as well as the financialised society. There must be values that are worthier than a balanced budget. Current acts of terrorism, and least as much governmental responses to it, show that some things are more important than a balanced budget. Unfortunately this doesn’t count for the care of elderly or disabled, to name just one example. If we would look at this from a cultural perspective instead of an economic one, we would understand that the world could always be different. And that’s the point. If we would embrace commonism, we would create an enormous sense of possibility and cultural freedom.


Interrupting the city 2016
Pascal starts at 1:08 to

Org in city…idea of sameness
Public space is space of disorder. find your place again. avoid senseless violence
Fighting…screaming. make sense
1:18…you can org…blueprint…but people re use strategies

all so Jane Jacobs ish

making place…by reusing it
City set up to give fixed places to artists. .monumental cities
Try to change rigid structures 60s
End of 70s and 80s.. architectures see this and we get creative city… but repressive.. because govt tries to org it… engineer and box in creativity
So develop stayegy…planning an d myth if planning… to try to own it
2000 2002..progressives pushed away… then very oppressive situation
Do we want this….?
It’s a fixed position..thus creative entrepreneur
We can create something else…

a nother way

living in a space that’s always changing…..I call it 1:29 – commonism… via lessig ( stallman)..not free beer but free speech
Culture is substructure…. you gave power what city..econ…looks
We can change economy because culture is the base
1:31 – Commonism isn’t about community… rather dissensus
1:32 – Not anymore fixing identities . but becoming a citizen again and again and again
Art feeds this…

Artist isn’t problem solver but problem maker.
Letting a lot of voices make it again and again

2014 Ted Groningen – senseless violence

is it possible if i don’t get my morning coffee ..that i demo similar violence to self or others… suicide and senseless violence on the streets
the word senseless really intrigues me
usually. .others mean that people who commit them don’t understand. .but actually ones pointing fingers don’t understand. ..they can’t put meaning to it. .that’s why they quickly resort to moral judgments
Zygmunt Bauman – claim violence isn’t senseless at all. . ie: reason is inequality. ..often right…yet.. ie: Belgium is quite prosperous. .and suicide rate also high
so not necessarily a correlation
what is missing link. .. culture .. a large reservoir of meaning. ..we use to give us purpose. help us position ourselves in society
tole of art?… constantly breaks open that culture
all habits..rituals we gave.. art questions them by constantly introducing. ..discord into culture
culture sets tempo. constantly opposes that and brings irregularity
this what keeps a culture open/dynamic. way to emergence of new meanings..that people can draw from to give purpose
economic is way of giving meaning to transactions. ..economy is culture. .politics is way of giving purpose to society ie: power relations
so culture is basis of society
ie: tag…symbol of self…reclaim self in society. …
if can’t find place/meaning in society. ..tag..and if can’t do this…resort to violence


Incubate Conference 2013 – The Artist As Hybrid Monster

3 mi – 5 or 10 yrs… thin i get.. there’s really something i’m missing here… i saw.. we catch something not in our research as sociologist… i try to do research as if empirical truth in art and artwork… so i jumped from this to emphatic research… and the last thing that changed my mind was reading in 2002 empire of hardt and negri… i book that change my life in how to do research and what it’s about…

hardt & negri

what i saw… was us asking the wrong questions.. and when ask questions.. don’t ask where questions come from…… this is the agenda setting..

7 min – the life/work of artists… 35 yrs research on this… talking about their work and how they organize their life.. 1975 was first cohort… (before the democratization of ed – and before globalization – fall of berlin wall)… 2nd cohort 1990 .. (after globalization et al… also 1989 tainamen square – bloody but then china opens…)… much more people called themselves artists… .. 3rd cohort 2005.. (huge inflation of international)..

17 min – institutions to protect artists from market/politics……institutions verticalization machines… because also commstitution.. making something common… imaginary world

18 min – repressive liberalism…

21 min – free market increased enormously price of healthcare…


31 min…1990s market turned into global casino…
32 min…organizes labor..especially art labor… freelancing. …word came from… willing to wild sword against anybody as long as pay us good. …stripping citizens more and more
34 min…youthful energy… controlled by ideally of free independence…. desire for independence makes the precarious. …why labor us easily offered at low rates…..belief in self realism… often gets all into trouble…

39 min – creative workers so easily exploited
reduction of complexity. ..80.2%.. sell out… rest

20%…hybrid artist…don’t care what i make. decide what it is. ..trick is… he cares a lot


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our new book Commonism – A New Aesthetics of the Real.

Coming months there will be several activities/book launches where the book will be presented. The first one will be September 26 at the Venice Biennial for Architecture (more info:,


With contributions from theorists, designers and artists, this research seminar will interrogate the commons as an ideology—an aesthetic of the real—as a means of giving shape to society and our contemporary human condition. With an understanding of aesthetics as ‘the art of thinking beautifully,’ a way of seeing a better, more beautiful world, this seminar will learn from the reciprocal commons movements by asking questions such as: how is the commons constituted in society, how does it shape our reality of living together, and what strategies and aesthetics do artistic commoners use?


negri interview via pascal gielen

Negri interviewed about the ideas in his book ‘Assembly’ (open! | Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain )
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On Commonism: An Interview with Antonio Negri

notes on assembly page

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ch 2 – pascal on culture and common\ing and democracy

ch 5 – michel on commoning of future


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