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(hs student/lab teen)

peterharold41@yahoo [dot] com

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Cristian and Peter sharing how kids learn:
piece of video above used in one of Michael Wesch's amazing videos:
below find a page of him in a be you book.
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Peter’s talk for TEDxFrontRange.
Cristian made the video below for/about Peter.

Starting at 1:45 below… Peter’s talking about his tedx. Chimamanda‘s TED was an influence.

Peter reading the story about the curious boy.

earlier days..

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We have crafted and are ongoingly crafting this site to share learnings/insight/curiosities/wonderings – [it seems almost like a thesis of the last 4 years and also a prototype for an app we are crafting – yet seeking to model/share it in a way to perhaps debunk the mindset many currently hold (or are held to) on what matters, ie: what does success mean, what does credentialing mean]  So everyone’s work is all over it. And attribution becomes a blur, as we melt into us.

Besides work/insight on the site, Peter’s interest has been in zooming out, to the story that got us here, in hopes that that listening can create a better world.

– the zoom dance – timelines..

– 95% – literacy/cheating

– new econ for 100% of humanity – 1 earning a living for 10,000

– relationship/connection economy – if trust became our currency

betting on the sync (people, spaces/resources, tech to connect)

– informal business plan: business plan

Yong Zhao on creatives

Jason Silva

– fractal thinking

– x-d glasses

– exponentiation

– calculus


sign with Alayna and Jeanette:


Christine Sun Kim – on unlearning sound etiquette..


Chris Luchsinger

John Cage