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recent update:

Deborah Frieze, Aerin Dunford and Sergio Beltrán traveled to Järna, Sweden this winter to work with the 27 participants in the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP). We hosted two weeklong modules: the first explored the Two Loops theory of change, limiting beliefs and many of the Walk Out Walk On stories and distinctions; the second invited participants to design their own Walk On experiments, which included creating a “gifting board,” initiating a self-learning group, upcycling curtains and furniture, and more. We also focused on preparing the YIPpies to be of service during their four-week international internships. As for the contributors, we learned a great deal about the joy of working in the company of friends, and about the fear that can accompany risk-taking. Read Aerin’s blog about her experience at YIP. View photos.

The new Walk Out Walk On map is now live on our website! This is a place for Walk Outs to seek out friends, supporters collaborators and allies. We created the map so that our worldwide community can become more visible to itself and so that each of us can connect around the issues and practices that matter most. We often notice how isolated and lonely many Walk Outs often feel. We offer this map as a way for you to find fellow pioneers who live near you–or to whose communities you might be visiting. Click on any of the map markers to see the name, contact information and interest areas of people who have self-identified as being Walk Outs Who Walk On. Please add yourself to the map if you would like to connect with other Walk Outs. View map.


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