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66 min podcast of jordan (green)hall – Web3: Tech vs the Human Condition, Jordan Hall – dec 2021

This is a truly deep dive into the long term, systemic, transitional elements of Web 3 as a major institutional shift: a truly must listen @jgreenhall on @WisdomRebel – some deeply shareable clarity

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host: web1: early pioneers .. utopians.. who created the internet; web2: giant monopolies moved in and colonized cyberspace; web3: new wave of innovation largely based on: blockchain, decentralized/autonomous orgs or daos.. the believers say.. will revolutionalize the world

oi.. if that’s web3 (blockchain, dao ness, et al).. it’s same song guys.. we have to let go of any form of m\a\p if we want something legit diff/revolutionary

2 min – j: who would have thought primary problem daos have is problem of decent coord.. whole bunch of people pulling in diff directions fighting w each other.. daos emerging as a super real thing and are beginning to discover limitations of our competence on the interior side.. blindspot for first decade of blockchain thing.. a religious commitment to not giving a f about human beings.. tech infra so that you don’t need to worry about what human being on other side is like.. can’t trust humans so need to build a system so that even though i don’t trust any of the people.. dao space is not going to be able to resolve that.. in the inside i have real live people.. that’s the challenge they’re facing right now

4 min – j: 3 step process: 1\ why consider it deeply 2\ what is it 3\ what are the challenges given what it is

6 min – j: i can’t avoid having a convo about this.. i have a uniquely significant perspective on this (gives his resume).. and now involved in all ground level parts of web3

8 min – j: 1\ the why: there’s a meta crisis.. extremely heavy weight that needs to be lifted.. nothing in the current system and nothing in the current tool kit that we use to build systems can lift that weight.. and a substantial fraction of that weight is the current system.. so asking it to lift itself is a bit of a paradox

9 min – j: so.. how so we in not using the current system.. generate something that has the capacity to lift this enormous weight.. both heavy and fragile.. have to lift w sensitivity and care that we don’t disrupt the world.. and then migrate to a more stable place .. in past i’ve talked about this as game a&b and the transition between the two.. web3 fits in that transitionary space.. very precisely

10 min – j: this is not an easy thing.. enormous daunting task.. there isn’t anything *on the horizon.. at least in the context of the exterior.. the interaction w the world.. that comes vaguely close to having the possibility of achieving that level of strength and care and precision than web3

this is our problem.. we keep relying *on the horizon.. rather than trying something legit diff.. ie: a means to undo our hierarchical listening so that we can org around legit needs

j: to me.. this is the thing.. the *thing we have to work with to solve *the problem in front of us.. so now .. how do we help it become the thing that it **could be

again.. *those will both perpetuate tragedy of the non common.. they will keep us in sea world

**won’t get there if focus on whatever problem that’s not deep enough.. which begs a means to grok our legit needs ie: tech as it really could be

j: 2\ the what: name (web3) is nice.. situates it in an arch.. not just blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse

but those are cancers to humanity.. huge red flag.. we have to let go of any form of m\a\p

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh

11 min – j: proper way to understand it.. andressan: ‘software is eating the world’ nice way to talk about relationship between very foundational digital in relationship w human built world.. and therefore also natural world and how humans interface w natural world.. on a theoretical level .. operate from outside in.. more superficial things like flea markets, yellow pages, were first to be impacted by software..

12 min – j: rhizomatic or root structure is the right metaphor because certain things have affordances.. ie: for me music touched by digital in late 90s.. easy to take advantage of ability to convert to portable form.. and number of people involved.. pulled music rapidly.. so quite afford-ant to the attractive pull of digital

14 min – j: but also very tightly bound to legal/political infra.. which at that time was resistant to the digital (99).. pulled back quite hard.. at core are things like money, law, govt, science.. those kinds of institutional frameworks..

15 min – j: the point of web3 is to say now the horizon of digital has crossed that threshold.. web3 has already entered into and already in many ways metabolized things like money and finance

won’t get to care/freedom et al.. if we hold onto (ie: metabolize) rather than let go of

j: and not it’s (web3) starting to have to deal w pragmatics of ie: law/govt/religion.. i’ve talked about nft’s as being really about that (religion) that’s the rabbit hole..

16 min – j: over next few yrs as web3 solves/addresses these core problems.. it will begin as same way digital has disrupted before.. then the energy that has been bound.. and the way we go about managing nature will change.. so that’s what i would say web3 is.. it is simultaneously the most contemporary.. but also at moment where pivot point between old/new will almost certainly occur

we’ve heard this same song over and over and over again.. ‘now is time/pivot/inflection.. let’s do this’.. but every time we keep a little of the ‘old’ so we never can get to something legit diff/free

18 min – j: web2 was operating in the frame of political econ of the legacy world.. that’s the most important piece about web2.. web2 perceived itself as a function of capitalism.. being done at level of econ.. ie: fb saying.. we’re just a thing in market econ.. had no idea would mess w brains

19 min – j: web3 is not.. web3 may not yet have fully realized the degree to which it’s actually operating in appear-age with those frames at that level.. it’s actually operating fundamentally at the level of governance/law/religion.. that’s the actual fundamental diff

so same song.. ie: have to let go of govt/law/religion.. not reshape it or whatever.. not even focus on it as refusal et al.. again.. we need to let go of any form of m\a\p.. we’re spinning our wheels here.. in sea world.. we need to get out.. hari rat park law et al

20 min – j: i was there in web2 working on digital currencies and the awareness of the possibility space of where digital could go and how we might go about designing it.. it’s not like weren’t thinking about decentralization back in 90s et al.. conceptions .. basic frameworks were there.. but the ability to manifest them in reality in the context of what was available.. in terms of our capacity to do in relation to the operating environ we were in.. but also the ability to think them clearly given the state where our mindset was wasn’t available.. so it was a manifestation of a particular potentiality in an environ that should have been a particular way

21 min – j: hard to grasp this unless you’ve just been doing it.. you come w a deep aspiration and vision.. *the sense of what’s possible

oh my.. huge red flag.. we need to org around something that 8b people already grok.. because thinking we need to train, prep, teach .. et al.. is part of the cancer: people telling other people what to do et la

*we have no idea about this.. the design needs to be about waking us up to that (it’s already in each one of us)

j: *manifestation of it has to explore the actual physical reality.. in order to make it practical.. there’s a path that it take

you’re talking reality/practicality/path of sea world.. so nah.. let’s not ‘manifest’ ‘explore’ there.. let go

22 min – j: on blockchain’s position precisely in the heart of money/finance.. which is (heart) of old system we’ve been operating in establishes the movement across the threshold.. what could be in web2 that enabled shift.. so tech level.. operating on top of that.. possibility space secured by that.. web3 has as its foundational basis underlying implications of what blockchain enables as a location

so same song

24 min – j: at a mindset level.. what’s the cultural basis.. because thing becomes what the people who are building it believe.. what’s appropriate/real and available in environ it’s operating in.. so both interior and exterior matter.. at that level.. the mindset of web3 is profoundly decentralized.. weened on the underlying cultural perspective of blockchain intitially..

not profoundly enough if things still become what people building them believe..

25 min – j: web2 was silicon valley.. web3 is not.. that’ implies a lot.. the humans/aesthetics/et-al in sv.. web3 is not.. sv is trying to claw ways into it.. but *because web3 included a way of bootstrapping its own finance by means of its magic internet money and because it was super not obviously part of the stuff sv was investing in at that time (2010-2017)

*huge red flag not letting go enough.. same song

26 min – j: i mean .. to have proposed to participating in blockchain and cryptocurrency was perceived as uncouth by sv illuminaries who really wanted to invest in snapchat.. it (web3) built its own approach and it’s intrinsically global web3 is african/asian as it is west coast.. it’s intrinsically already sitting on top of the internet.. to collab in web3 is in fact to collab by means of something like disorded twitter and not by means of an office.. you want to talk about remote work.. it’s always been .. there’s plenty in web3 that is traditional that sit in places.. but that’s not the essence.. and that’s actually quite important

oi.. being in space doesn’t make something global.. esp not intrinsically global.. oi.. we do need something for everyone.. we have not yet let go enough for that to be the case.. everything to date has been exclusionary

27 min – j: (via host.. on web2: fb twitter et al.. what is web3): ethereum and bitcoin and cryptopunks and pancake swap.. less bound to older inertia.. if not familiar with that.. become familiar

29 min – h: spoke to rich bartlett about it ‘web3 will save us from evils of web2.. mass surveillance et al.. boldest innovation in coop own/govt i’ve seen’

richard bartlett

30 min – j: i’m extremely staked in web3.. my attention/resources.. i’m not all in but pretty close.. so that caveat.. i am an investor..

32 min – let’s take the term speculation.. by the way.. at a meta level.. *we really need to speak clearly as a species.. (laughs) the degree to which engage in ordinary inhomenage (?) social grooming.. which is really all we’re doing when we speak.. saying.. are we friendly with each other.. as opposed to communicating and **finding ways to collectively perceive reality is a challenge

oh my.. *language as control/enclosure.. we need a means to undo our hierarchical listening.. and let go of all our ‘we really need to’ ness.. let go with idiosyncratic jargon et al

what if we aren’t meant to do *that.. what if that obsession with intellect ness is keeping us from us

oi.. break time

32 min – j: speculation.. i sense a possibility and set my direction.. almost everything meaningful has never occurred w/o profound speculation.. ie: write a book/song.. other side.. easy to trade on that to parasitize gap between potential and possible.. parasites trading on the lack of clarity..

37 min – j: and artists aren’t warriors.. and so the parasite is there.. we’ve never figured out how to bring warriors with the artists.. if we did .. we could do this job better


38 min – j: web3 as it currently sits is on the edge of a blade.. it could fall toward the good/bad.. walking that narrow path.. towards the good

39 min – j: on metaverse and ai.. ai in principle has the strength to lift this heavy weight.. part of web3 is to build capacity to steer metaverse and ai

42 min – j: embodied ethics: 1\ awareness choices are meaningful 2\ commitment 3\ capacity.. our tech horizon in general is dominated by unconscious process.. things like the way the prisoners dilemma operates.. ie: if i don’t build an ai my competitor will so i must.. which creates hazard

45 min – j: this is why web3 is so interesting.. while dangerous.. less dangerous than others.. but could produce the kind of control structure to properly govern the others..

46 min – j: web3 reps possibility of human based intell

host reading from rich again.. ‘could help deal w prisoner’s dilemma et al’

47 min – j: one of the coord problems we have is the way hierarchical systems have limitations.. ie: how much capacity to produce.. esp in relating w complexity.. a coord problem.. how do we all get on same page

49 min – j: another is the market.. 3rd is producing a consensus of state outside of unconscious process of markets or B process.. decent orgs have capacity to produce a level of collective intell that isn’t limited way hier orgs are.. can include more people more fully..

50 min – j: level of subtlety.. nuance and detail..

58 min – j: i’m telling you right now web3.. you’re going to have to become artists.. all of you.. underneath.. also stewards.. migrating towards the ethical.. web3 must become truly sovereign

65 min – j: a lot of people got into this because of the 2008 crisis..

70 min – j: in web3 it’s make a ton of money w crypto tokens or.. bc universe..

let go man