jaime casap

jaime casap


global google ed evangelist


2013 – google talk in london..?

Unleashing The Power Of the Web in Education

how kids learn – in 3 months.. what might take years via school pacing

referencing orbiting the giant hairball

the need to learn how to iterate

or just not interfere with the natural process of iteration.. no?

when did collaboration become cheating.. when have we ever done something on our own.. ie: in order to take complete credit..



Saving the Silver Bullet: TEDxFargo

4 min – oh my – math score charts.. ugh – as gap

Jaime – what if we’re focusing on a wrong gap..?

don’t ask – what do you want to be when you grow up.. but.. what problem do you want to solve..

importance of teacher in classroom

imagine… mentor in the city.. no?

as the day.


national academy foundation conference.. 2013

Global Education Evangelist, Google, Inc

education disrupts poverty

the next disruptive technology is young people.. with expectations..

education is path to economic future..

re\define education… and re\define economic success (not about money.. no)

21 min – different ways to learn today..

34 min – great explanation toward personalized learning – that kids are doing their own passion/portfolio.. but then says great tools to use: some mathapp, knewton, .. kahn

ugh. (ok. “just getting started”.. and his talk is in 2013)

36 min – how to start from scratch – not just tweak..

then let’s get out of the class.. no?

make sure curriculum is based on..

that’s a tweak – no?

38 min – 85% learning on their own outside classroom..

so let’s not do that anymore.. ie: what we do with established basics/curriculum

39 min – we don’t build schools w/o electricity…

imagine if we didn’t spend money on school buildings..

city as school ness

40 min – or maybe this is an easy thing to do… maybe the more fundamental we get.. the easier..

ie: 2 needs.. 2 convos


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we need much more than a silver bullet (ie: with a math gap) – we need just mercy via curiosity..

we can now model/be another way.. no?




Collaboration is how problems are solved.  It is the ability to reach consensus.
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is it..?

or is the ability we now have to find our people.. with the short lag time we all crave..
perhaps we quit chasing the puck.. pleasing others.. assuming supposed to’s..

howard thurman quote come alive

let’s do that.

what if it’s less about moving our thinking around to match.. and more about moving us around to match..

why consensus

perhaps we have the tech capabilities (io dance ness) to redefine decision making..

and if we do.. perhaps we shouldn’t perpetuate efficiency of a mode/medium/means we no longer need.

perhaps we be brave enough to disengage from what’s irrelevant.


Bryan has Jaime on his futures forum:


on making sure we’re focused on the right stuff

right stuff..?

let’s try self-talk as data. as the day.

if i want to learn.. i think search .. on a scale from 1-10 is a 3

let’s try hosting-life-bits that io dance

early dream: every kid born gets a ssn and gmail address.. problem engineering team would like to solve.. ability to take it with you as you move..


biggest problem.. one size fits all.. how do you scale.. real innovation.. doesn’t scale.. what changes things.. dedicated small group of people…  change happens in small quantities..

so we get to liminal revolution.. when we are brave enough to go ginormously small..

not fix ed.. but bring to next level

innovation in higher ed.. i’ve seen tremendous in k-12.. haven’t seen that much in higher ed.. suggesting.. taking what we see in k-12 to higher ed



Real collaboration is the ability to ask questions and change your mind. @jcasap #edtechteam

nice.. let’s focus on that.

just that.. ie: host-life-bits.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial]



Here is my kid’s film “First Generation” they screened at @herbergertheatr What is your family’s #FirstGen story? youtu.be/Qvl43Mk36TI

i have to not dance… study.. be this way.. i can’t be/dress this way.. because would call attention to my family.. who are immigrants.. i had to almost be undercover.. from my own self.. – Balta Monkiki

what drove us.. was not to be poor – Jaime

not what do you want to be.. but what problem do you want to solve.. – Jaime

my mission..oh.. i’m supposed to be different.. showing people they have their own id.. people try to oppress/devalue/belittle because of differences.. – Balta