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lots.. but just sharing this.. his insight on moocs

Thoughts on the future of MOOCs
by Bryan Alexander
1. plummet like second life
2. becomes a new model for higher ed
3. moocs claw their way into a niche and stop it.. 2 culture split between science and humanities – moocs key part of science… but won’t cross into humanities… so gaps and niches.. ie: arabic mooc..
interview a couple months earlier on moocs with Howard:
x moocs are more like lms – anchored on content that’s pushed out.. share course docs et al.. so kind of retro and/or parallel
best cmooc ever – my friend Jim Groom – ds106
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Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander)
12/7/12 6:32 AM

wednesday, august 14, 2013

howard & dean – web hosting

Great conversation about class community, social media, web hosting:@jimgroom…a voice… augmented by the community around it..blurring the course vs the community

Listening to a Middlebury College political economist speak on the fiscal cliff. Taxes will need to rise, entitlement growth must slow.

Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander)
9/21/13 6:53 AM
Interesting collaborative concept mapping project,
Bryan Alexander (@BryanAlexander)
10/21/13 7:03 AM
@cogdog is revving up a project on education on the open Web. This is fun, important stuff, so feed him feedback:…
what scales is the teaching (to many) not necessarily the experience of those aiming to learn…?There is a better model out there for scaling open learning, it is right under our browsers… the web itself.huge. yes.
of rather than on… ness
Bryan’s future trends forum on shindig
Guests have included Audrey Watters, Anya Kamenetz, Cable Green, Curtis Bonk, Robbie Melton, George Siemens, Casey Green, Deanna Marcum, Jim Groom, Robert Archibald, Phil Long, Gardner Campbell (Campus Technology article), Will Richardson and Richard DeMillo, and more.
We had a wide-ranging conversation about #open education with the splendid @actualham .
Naturally you can see and hear the whole thing here:
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