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Moses Okumu, originally from Uganda, is passionate about leveraging mobile information and communication technologies to improve educational outcomes in developing countries. Okumu serves as a committee member and paper reviewer on the Workshop on Pen and Touch Technology on Education. He evaluates research activities in Uganda and Kenya for Pepperdine University, studying means of nurturing the imagination, creativity and media competencies of science and mathematics teachers and students. 

Okumu spent three years of his college life in Mukono district while attending Uganda Christian University. He is a personal friend to the Vice Chancellor of the University. He has close ties to the Chancellor of the University, the head of the Child Development department, the Associate Dean Post Graduate School of Research, and over 10 local organizations working with children, youth and families. Okumu hopes to leverage his social capital in building the studyGateway organization that aims at sowing curiosity.


Moses is president of studygateway.


original convos with Moses – on dreaming of and actualizing a hub (via studygateway) in Mukono..


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