neri oxman

neri oxman

intro’d to Neri via listening in on mit talks..

her talk of architecture.. resonating with self-organizing ness


her 2015 ted talk:

Design at the intersection of technology and biology

2 twin domes – one made of 1000s of steal parts.. the other of a single silk thread.. one imposed on environment.. the other creates it.. one designed for nature.. the other by it… living things are not chiseled.. they grow

in our cells.. we carry all the information that’s required for every other cell to function/replicate

one ness

assembly lines have dictated a world made of parts…

you don’t find homogeneous material assemblies in nature.. ie: human skin

my work – about uniting these 2 world views.. chisel/gene.. away from assembly and closer to growth

emergence ness

6 min – is nature ideal.. are there no parts in nature? – whole tree was a fruit

structures from beam to mesh

12 min – what if we could create structures that would augment living matter… scan skin.. repair damaged tissues…  to move away from that age of the machine.. to symbiosis.. return back to nature… 13 min – ie: sophistication of silk worm

tension and compreshion the two forces of life

bucky – the tension is the great integrity

material ecology.. new age of design that takes us from nature inspired desigin to design inspired nature.. that demands of us for the first time that we mother ..nature

perhaps let’s do this first: free art ists


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Neri Oxman is an Israeli designer and architect. She is best known for her work in environmental design and digital morphogenesis. She currently teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab as Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, and founded the MaterialEcology design lab.


Janine Benyus


bio inspired design – wef – feb 2016


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