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intro’d to David via his connection to p2p models

principle investigator: Samer Hassan

advisory board includes: Yochai BenklerPrimavera De Filippi, Juliet Schor, David BollierSilke Helfrich, ..


adding page because of this in particular – from his phd thesis -Self-organisation in Commons-Based Peer Production [https://davidrozas.cc/index.php/phd]

Commons-Based Peer Production (CBPP) is a new model of socio-economic production in which groups of individuals cooperate with each other without a traditional hierarchical organisation to produce common and public goods, such as Wikipedia or GNU/Linux.

There is a need to understand how these communities govern and organise themselves as they grow in size and complexity. 

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Postdoc researcher . ½ computer scientist, ½ sociologist. Trying to bring together the social and the technical to foster Commons-Based Peer Production.

his site: [https://davidrozas.cc/]

looking thru david’s tweets:

This has been an intense (academic) year! Finishing up my PhD @SurreySociology,starting a postdoc @p2pmod,teaching & fieldwork… and submitting our #CryptoOstrom paper yesterday!

Time to disconnect! I’ll be backpacking around Colombia & Perú over the next 4 weeks.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/drozas/status/1024310852856569856


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