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intro’d to David here – talking with Alexa at ouishare 2015:

Last hours of #OSFest15: @qmanpvd & @alexaclay are discussing the implication of #RadicalLove http://t.co/pmtiJpmD4s

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/ArthDeG/status/601759441982197760

4 min – on the folks who are not here.. not just the misfits.. the marginalized.. the remainders of the remainders

5 min – radical love – an intense version of love.. in the share economy: almost a banal version of love..

radical love is deeply human. it demands full presence.

king – on love as a weapon that would de-naturalize white supremacy

7 min – love should be disruptive, and grounding, unsettling.. and humanizing..

8 min – is share economy affording spaces/time where my full presence could show up. radical love is this insistence that my full presence would be there

i want to be a messy human.. i don’t want to ie: be collaborative all the time.. – alexa

9 min – humanization begins to happen where you don’t think the end of relationships is in the economy.. economy shouldn’t be where our desires are completed.. share economy almost fetishes economic/online relationships as ultimate relationships

if share economy is going to break things open.. it’s going to break open our access to people we might not have… ie: if i can only connect with you through my device.. how connected are we

10 min – what is it to actually insist

11 min – what is it to actually present my whole self to you and receive it.. in share economy.. through a form of capital.. my relationships to you are transaction.. not reciprocal..

13 min – opening spaces where people can actually be seen and experienced as they want to be as opposed to as they ought to be could be the way that love disrupts

a nother way

spaces of permission with nothing to prove

14 min – innovation to what end… to reinforce those circles (where we are inside the circle of market.. inside the circle of tech).. what publics are the share economy serving…

17 min – everyone everyday.. being a part in making everyday world

18 min – what would share economy look like if it was more about solidarity than community… ie: more flexible… temporal..


22 min – on figuring out what kind of human you are

24 min – language about authenticity driven by an anxiety of authenticity

25 min – romantic identity- desire for transcending out of trending society.. romantics had a very robust sense of self.. (alexa – doesn’t that worry you).. here you have an abundance of imagination…. unleash yourselves even more.. not confined by profit or purpose or scalability.. the share economy could be much more self-reflective

27 min – how do we help each other insist on our integrity – as a form of love


june 2015 – Radical Love | TEDxConnecticutCollege

who are they (we) seeing… who are they (we) not seeing..

what are we to do when culture (perpetuates) the idea that some people are less human

a continuing insistence of these young folks of their humanity… not just a question of human rights.. but an act of love

what does it feel like to be a problem… think about the tremendous energy and courage it takes to say – i am not a problem.. to insist on their humanity… these young activists..

11 min – on starting with small gestures

on desires to be like tribe(s) that don’t say thank you for ie: food. not being ungrateful.. but beyond grateful. like words compromise it ness.

confucianism – bound in a network of reciprocity based on our common humanity.. an obligation to each other to flourish

on my hang ups with obligation ness..

christian – the golden rule.. love thy neighbor

13 min – on trying to demonstrate a world.. a way of being.. that i want. to suspend my interest long enough to recognize the humanity of that other person

15 min – to be love less.. to live in a love less world.. is to be unfree

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His current book project is The Public Life of Love, an examination of the status of love in politics, public life, religion, and the arts.



one ness. one love.

i know you ness

deep/simple/open enough to get/be there…




dec 2015 – The Radical Imagination: Imagining Radical Love

David starts at 5 min

radicalism of radical love.. weeks of talking about radical love in politics

re awaken/imagine love in our lives

on instramentalizing lives/politics.. to get you somewhere rather than flourishing…


12 mi – on social science studying phenomenon that is not inhabited by real people.. the data shapes a reality..

perpetuate\ing not us ness.. – science of people ness

18 min – cynicism as separation… radical love says close gap at every opportunity

21 min – on speaking to our frustrations in a cheap way… rather than in a way that transforms into compassion/public love

23 min – imagine a politics/culture that says your welfare is as important to me as my own.. and my welfare is predicated on you doing well..

30 min – on the shoe protest..

32 min – social science has a really tough time with messiness… so much of our collective experience exceeds the markers..

33 min – a public ness that is more about publicity than public engagement… radical love could potentially transform celebrity culture into celebration culture… celebrate human beings .. make space for things like joy, laughter, tears…. space/time/presence

34 min – a quality of humanity that doesn’t get the air time it ought

37 min – i have deep practices of reciprocity.. not of goods but of humanity

? –  fear.. keeping score ness

41 min – on family having a high priority on resources

how to expand the energy…. 1\ get people over self-consciousness of talking about love


47 min – radical love requires a sincerity of intention and of reception… you dispatch radical love..

49 min – on the need for patience to ride out awkwardness on personal and political levels

50 min – loving each other well depends much on thwarting frustrations.. ie: corp punishment is temporal.. as opposed to patience/tenderness..

your own song ness

52 min – what would world look like if we chose tenderness over anger.. patience over frustration..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way


movement of the day..

love driven politics

via fb share by David


[link to love driven politics collective isn’t working for me.. so adding this for now: http://meaningoflife.tv/programs/current/love-driven-politics ]

how do we respond/rediscover/create/assess/quicken.. with love and in love..

a nother way (short)..  ie: hosting life bits.. via self-talk as data. as the day.


dearly beloved

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seems too binary to be about love.. please don’t be binary..