commons house

the house

how to fashion a house (personal/local/global) so that each one of us is free. to be stillenough.

to be free to be.

imagining this as a fractal ecosystem to a city.. to the globe

first experience w it: be you house

then hearing of soteria ness

with many inbetween ie: rp ness

adding page this day:

commons house in paris.. (via Michel fb share) resonating

a real commons house in Paris ?

who knows more, dear Julien Lecaille

” today these open and open communities need to meet to pool resources and create even more impactants projects – together.

With our campaign words: Gaël Musquet, (spokesperson for openstreetmap France), Myriam Bouré (Contributrice of open food France), Benjamin Jean (lawyer and founder of inno3), Lionel Maurel (Blogueur Blogger), Valérie Peugeot (Vecam) . ”


perhaps.. give 1 yr to try commons (common\ing) a go..

in the cityas the day. ness

undisturbed ecosystem

as it could be..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


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commons transition

the commons (doc)

the omni commons


city ness


tragedy of commons