cocreation foundation

cocreation foundation

intro’d here via michel fb share (though have been following Jascha for some time):

the global resonance project

resonating with problem deep enough ness: perhaps what we need to do (first) is find/work-on a problem that is deep enough to resonate with 7 billion+ people. today.

“At Cocreation Foundation, we are researching and developing the cultural technique of cocreation. The Global Resonance Project is the first initiative of the Cocreation Foundation. The term ‘cocreation’ is used across many different sectors to describe collaborative working processes. We have some best practices examples, but we need to deepen our understanding if we want to consciously create better processes for global governance.”

8 min video – what’s the global resonance project – from jun 2019 – jascha []

us getting in touch with most forward thinking .. who might be able to contribute to the cultural technique of cocreation.. to compile a kind of pattern language of global cocreation..

7 min – i will have to document my process and global process as it unfolds

ie: hlb via 2 convers that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


A ponderring on the dynamics between the personal and the transpersonal in cocreation processes. This video as part of the Global Resonance Project of the Cocreation FoundationPersonal and Transpersonal Cocreation – YouTube
Original Tweet:

12 min video jul 2019 – jascha

3 min – has to be individual process w/in whole

5 min – yet.. all processes are trans personal

7 min – what you experience/create/do in your everyday’s life.. is already something of a bigger scheme.. is already a cocreation of the environs/communities you’re a part of..t

undisturbed ecosystem.. ‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows

8 min – so .. everything you do.. think.. is this a contribution to a greater process.. if not.. leave it

? i don’t know that we know how it all fits beforehand.. i think we just need to be living in our fittingness.. and then trust that to be part of the bigger dance



link twitter  (founder Jascha Rohr on twitter)

Institute for Participatory Design (CEO), Founder of the Cocreation Foundation (under construction); collective intelligence, collaboration, cocreation



as distinguished from co-creation as a methodology to include users in the design of products, cocreation describes the fundamental notion that all creation is cocreation: a deep practice and cultural technique, leading participateurs to let the new emerge from transformative processes.

we might reach a maximum number of 10-12 billion people by 2100. This prognosis leaves us with the question as to how 12 billion people will be able to peacefully coexist on and with this planet. While no one can predict if this is possible at all, the Cocreation Foundation believes that we have no other chance than to face this challenge: to create a world of mutuality and coexistence in peace, health, freedom and ecological abundance for all and everything. In order to achieve this goal we firmly believe that we must develop a new cultural technique of cocreation.

perhaps let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city with 2 convers as infra via tech as it could be..

CO|CRE|A|TION (NOUN) [koˌkrɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n]

[1] a cultural technique developed to create global solutions in the anthropocene.

[2] as distinguished from co-creation as a methodology to include users in the design of products, cocreation describes the fundamental notion that all creation is cocreation: a deep practice and cultural technique, leading participateurs to let the new emerge from transformative processes.

[3] a multistakeholder process designed to work from a basis of resonance, connection and multiperspective understanding towards necessary innovations for the complex global challenges of the early 21st century.


michel fb share mar 2020:

fyi, I joined the advizory board of the Co-Creation Foundation, upon the invitation of Jascha Rohr:


via jascha fb share – 30 min video – []:

Today we published the Videointerview with Michel Bauwens from the P2P Foundation at the Elevate Festival in Graz. Its a brilliant overview over his work and thought and I am looking forward to working closer together!

6 min – m: on needing to get to co dependence.. something we’ve never done at scale.. actually.. think we’ve never done it.. my solution.. thru mutualization.. lower footprint

j: that’s what we’re trying to do w cocreation foundation.. bring those together who have already studied.. done research.. on how this new governance could look like

8 min – m: peter pogany

similar to his talk on eutopia workshop

10 min – m: how to impose limits w/o going into fully authoritarian role.. this is where your work comes in.. w cocreation.. how to get marriage w coercive limits

11 min – m: ie: create global public ledgers.. reward everybody that is improving de carbonation.. then get tokens.. et al.. today no mech to reward you

let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting) .. otherwise tragedy of the non common et al

13 min – m: today all people doing regen work are marginalized/poor.. so have warm/cold currencies..

14 min – (how to implement) m: legally.. don’t have tools.. only have tools for market and state.. need to have tools for commons

2 convers as infra

15 min – m: you’re not commodifying nature.. just saying people who take care of it..

let go of money (any form of measuring/accounting)

16 min – m: dao – automization of common things.. sovereign nature movement.. ie: two forms of income 1\ salary  2\ generative from contributions you make.. binary econ

dao ness

m: i think in terms of modes of exchange

marsh exchange law

21 min – (how to deal w those who oppose these global governances) m: 1\ human systems are not rational – so when system stops working.. binding elements dissolve first.. no longer works for people.. so people leave system.. first will have conflict.. while people looking for seed form changes.. then some saying.. this is way we need to go

23 min – m: how do we make it the norm..

24 min – (what connects you on a personal level) m: bios of founders of new religions.. first have crisis then change.. i had this in my 40s..  i felt i had to change the world.. as soon as i accepted this.. i had all this energy.. the reason you’re unhappy is because you didn’t do it.. that’s why you need a few crazy people..