brother mike hawkins

mike hawkins


such an influence. to all of us..

brother mike is my mentor… somebody that is going to push you to your limits..

how powerful is a single moment of validation to a young imagination..



connected learning

et al

to keeping on.

everyday. (chance & arthur)


Seeing everyone, especially youth, as full human beings, able to speak and worthy of being heard is a remarkable achievement. #BrotherMike
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You know that feeling when your elder passes and you feel like they’re not done teaching you?
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Lots of emotional noise while working on #BrotherMike‘s story. It was love and revolution that carried me through.



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I have always been in awe of his ability to listen so keenly to the youth, to understand their world, to create safe and inviting spaces for them, and enable their critical and thoughtful and creative voices;

Within a year of opening, Brother Mike, Taylor Bayless, and Erica Neal had developed and implemented what would become the YOUmedia (so named by the youth) signature projects: One Book One Chicago, Digital City Planner, Lyricist Loft, and the Mark Bradford Project.

At a time when youth violence in Chicago was drawing national headlines, youth from all over the city were coming to find a safe haven, a place for creativity and voice, and a trusted mentor — someone who nudged, prodded, guided and celebrated them as they danced, veered, ducked or ran headlong toward adulthood.

His ability to own the culture and artistry of the street, to deeply know, listen and understand youth, and to create opportunities for them to explore identity and culture and build skills while truly making…revolution indeed. That was his word. And, in his case, it applied.

We have become fond of saying that Brother Mike could turn a moment into a movement.

And he didn’t transcend age, race, gender, class, sexual orientation — he connected them. He did it through listening, inspiring, guiding, and most importantly — as he would say — letting you know you were loved.


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Being a mentor is loving what you do enough to pass that knowledge onto the next person..


equity – 7 billion people free enough to find the thing they can’t not do.


open mic tribute #BrotherMike

dec 10 at youmediachicago

5:45 – Malcolm London – so many people grew up in this place. we were part of a group of kids who started this.

7 min – i thought about a million things to stay till i got up here and my heart is in my stomach. we were just kids. people that have come out of this space have done amazing things.. we was just kids.. we needed a space to write poems and talk sh&t.. and that saved our lives. we literally grew up here..

10 min -he definitely taught me that revolution starts with love. that was the first man that taught me how to cry.. and here i am crying.. and i don’t care.

11 min – we have to pass that torch. we had millions of kids in here all a time.. and we were kids.. no one was special… we were kids..

13 min – do you know what it means to have somebody to give you the power to believe in yourself… he didn’t push you in a direction.. he had more trust in us than we had in ourselves

17 min – (youmedia) a second home.. our community.. saved my life… – you all keep hold of it – great song

21 min – someone famous – (missed the name) – encouragement to carry the torch – i’m in the rap scene – and we hate each other – and that needs to stop.. we all need to be pushing each other. it’s not about me.. it’s not about any of us.. it’s about all of us.

53 min – the music is real. don’t just listen to it. make it.


tweet/pic dec 2014:

At the “life celebration” for the untimely loss of Brother Mike Hawkins here at Chicago’s Little Black…

borhter mike pic