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Hamza Sserwadda – craft aid – Kampala, Uganda

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a teenage hacker in Kenya

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the gods must be crazy


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letter from s africa


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Quinn on africa:

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It’s got a little over a billion people. Of those a quarter or a third — depending on which metrics you use — are middle class. That’s a middle class which is around the size of the North American middle class. Not just the USA, but a continent-to-continent comparison.


It has a history of leap frogging technology, and there’s no reason to think it won’t keep doing that. It’s a place with diversity in governance, monetary adaptability, and cultures that often teach a kind of resilience we’re all going to need in the coming age of climate-driven civil decline.

we need the communities of Africa a hell of a lot more than they need us.



Who’s Funding Ed-Tech in Africa?…