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so moral of the story – how to make change – talk/listen to (your) kids



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Hamza – Paul

210: Joseph Kony, who launched attacks throughout norther uganda. his strategy for growing his army was simple: abduct tens of thousands of children. the young boys were given machine guns and put out in front of the older soldiers in the fire fights. the young girls were forced to be child brides. most of these children were 12-14. what occurred with them was unthinkable.


when abducted, the children were often made to kill one or more family members in order to alienate them from the villages and shame them so they wouldn’t try to return from the bush. those who did try to escape were caught and killed in horrific manners as warning to the others.

just outside gulu, we found thousands of kids living in camps set up by the govt  with no opportunity for an education at all, so we decided to start a school just north of the city. the local officials laid out for us a t least 3 yrs of hoops to jump through before we could start. this seemed like lunacy to us with an entire generation of kids living in camps without any schools at all ad the lord’s resistance army still conducting evening raids to abduct more children.

melding/blurring/disembarking of connected adjacency into people experiment

we tried to reason with the govt officials for a while about waining the restrictions, and when it was apparent we weren’t going to get their cooperation, we decide to open the school anyway.

211: restore leadership academy

212: do you know why this happened? it’s simple. tow bunk john got off the map. he wasn’t limited by the contours of convention any longer. instead, he leaked what he loved. .. and pretty soon the puddle he made swallowed us all by the lake it formed.

213: no reservoir can hold it, no disappointment can stop it, and no impediment can contain it. it can’t be waved off, put off, or shut down, it doesn’t take no for an answer. instead it assumes yes is the answer even when it sounds an awful lot like a no to everyone else.