a lab

[the morphing of a name]

The experiment began with the title.. TSD (Thompson School District) Innovation Lab. Named by kids in the lab. (2010)

  • TSD to show/model/protogype a connected adjacency with the district.
  • Innovation to symbolize something different, a new combo.
  • Lab to emphasize experimentation, sandbox-ness.

Once we were experimenting in the be you house, (2011) and penned a be you book, many started referring to the experiment as the be lab.

  • be – because our focus was setting an individual free – be you.
  • lab – still a sandbox.

A main vision/statement of success, (early on), was that the lab would no longer exist. a lab would become a mindset. Bound by no location, title, experiment, ….

  • a – an indefinite article, fitting for an indefinite experiment, for an in-definitive space. blurring the lines of physical/mental ness.
  • lab – perpetually in beta, perpetually in the sandbox.

a lab in the city




before settled on ‘lab’ – really wanted to use the term ‘commons‘ – but push back on that was fierce.

interesting. no?



pdf – lab matters – insight via Marlieke Kieboom – Kennisland – referencing many – esp  Zaid..